Halloween Costumes For Little Girls: Too Sexy?

costumes4.jpgThey are basically two opinions out there on this subject. Some parents, obviously, find nothing wrong with it, and usually go ahead and buy the costumes or maybe complain, but keep it to themselves, while others see it as an annual occasion. Others are openly against it, and see the costumes as sexualizing children at far too early an age. From Cele|bitchy:

” In 2002 there was a big controversy over tween-sized thong underwear at Abercrombie, the younger division of Abercrombie and Fitch, featuring suggestive phrases such as “Wink Wink” and “Eye Candy.” Now it seems that skanky outfits for young girls aged 9-12 are a much more common and accepted partof American culture. Toys like Bratz and shows like Hannah Montana and High School Musical encourage tweens to embrace consumerism and dress fashionable and sexy.

Halloween is no exception, with costumes for the under 13-set getting more sexy and revealing. Outfits that used to be reserved for adult role play are now perfectly acceptable costumes for young girls. Is this too much too soon for young girls, or just a natural progression of dress up? It’s funny when adult women dress as sexy pirates, sexy witches, and sexy devils, but it’s disturbing when 9 year-old girl does it.”


I understand this mentality, and especially the outrage over the thongs from Abercrombie. But at the same time, adults are in control over what their children wear, every time. If you don’t want your children wearing a thong at eight years old, don’t buy them. If you don’t want your child to dress like a hooker on Halloween, don’t furnish the costume, and remember to use the word, “No.” Stop letting your children walk all over you, and grow up.

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#1 Eric Anchor on 03.19.11 at 4:18 pm

Sorry to have to tell you this, but Glenn Beck was already brought up this subject over a year ago. As for sexy child costumes over-sexualizing children, I totally agree with the article, and any parent irresponsible enough to let their child wear one probably wouldn’t listen to reason anyway. Since they are the parents, though, they will have to take the responsibility for any social and/or psychological problems it might cause now or in the future. I need not go into details. Oh, and, for the sake of our children, Abercrombie and Fitch should be put out of business ASAP. Those are my opinions, America. As that other commentator always says, what say you?

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