Lance Bass Says Justin Timberlake Wanted To Play Gay…

justin_timberlake.jpg…. And apparently, this just in, thousands of ex-N’Sync fans, now fat single mothers on welfare, are shocked and dismayed. Unfortunately, these are the only people to whom this is actually news to. I mean, all those young, hot guys, constantly together on a tour bus, running around, having pillow fights, and writing in their diaries? Like, yeah, not one of them ever got curious. From L.A. Rag Mag:

Bass says, “We thought Justin was gay, because he told us he wanted to do a gay part in a movie.”

And Bass also thought ‘N Sync’s Chris Fitzpatrick might find men sexually attractive.

He adds, “We thought Chris was gay because he used to hang out with a choreographer.”.-Female First

Sounds like someone spent some extra “me” time in the tour bus bathroom, rocking his solo mic.

We can just imagine it. One night JT metioned he’d like to play gay in passing and Lance’s eyes lit up with desire. Could it be, Lance thought. Could JT possibly be trying to secretly tell me he’s gay and we’re going to live happily together with an adopted baby from China?

Awwh. I hope that didn’t let Lance down too much. Besides, who knows? He might still have a shot with JT.

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#1 Andy on 12.19.07 at 8:03 am

Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

#2 katy on 03.02.08 at 2:44 am

if your gonna include comments from someone at least take the time to spell their name right…Chirs Kirkpatrick

#3 Alyssa on 10.20.09 at 10:40 am

Oh Wow! I never Knew that men who weren’t drag queens could be gay ?

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