Dumbledore Is Gay? WTF?

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#1 Ashley on 10.21.07 at 12:01 am

Well…maybe it will help some young confused people who are being told who they should and should not love so that mommy isn’t embarrassed, may realize they are not alone and might as a result grow up to be happy functional members of society, and not surpressed cookie cutter model children who are destined to have 2.5 kids and divorced by 30. (b.t.w hope there are no divorced or black characters in this book either, or it is totally doomed. EEK!.J.K Rowing is the Antichrist…w.w.j.d?(tee hee)

#2 djb on 10.21.07 at 5:40 am

Oh, I agree totally. Thing is, the homosexuality thing isn’t in the books. This was Rowling’s effort to throw the gay community a bone and take a cheap shot at religious critics. But plenty of religious folks liked the books, and still do, but wonder why she felt compelled to give this political twist to her novels. Again: When there’s not a hint of this in the books.

#3 Martina on 10.21.07 at 6:23 am

This is literally the most reasonable response to Rowling’s “revelation” that I have found so far. THANK you.

#4 Martina on 10.21.07 at 6:25 am

P.S. I am totally forwarding this article.

#5 MKG on 10.21.07 at 7:34 am

WTF-An appropriate response, but in my case, it was more because I thought that Dumbledore had a thing going with McGonagall…Damn, was I off the mark!

On another note, I think it is very shrewd what Rowling has done. She couldn’t possibly have risked anyone “batting for the other team” in her scripts before (publisher probably wouldn’t let her with all that money coming in) but now she has less to lose. Now she can:That’s great news for any poor 13 year old befuddled kid with peach fuzz, braces…and a crush on the captain of the football team.

It’s also great news for other works: if she releases any future material on the Potter series (think a Potter type Silmarillion or something) she can use this as a lead in. (Did Flitwick have a very tiny wife somewhere? How come there are no female centaurs? Where did all the teachers go when school wasn’t in session?) It is interesting to think about.

#6 Deceived Fan on 10.21.07 at 7:55 am

J.K. Rowling, you were thought of as a genious writer who brought back hope into the existence of goodness, of unconditional devotion, of good guidance through the personality of Dumbledore; a professor who reached a level of spirutuality and put his whole life to build a generation which can discern good from evil and learn how to fight it while keeping themselves whole and pur.
How ridicule and pitiful to discuss such character’s sexuality; it shows nothing but how superficially people took your books and the messages – we thought – you were trying to communicate to generations to come. What a pitty!

#7 Tommy Marx on 10.21.07 at 8:34 pm

Let me get this straight. The average reader of Harry Potter has no idea what sexuality is? Dude, have you ever READ any of the books? They’re aimed for young adults (in the final book the main character is 17 and there are several violent deaths in the novel). And why is being gay a political issue? What does politics have to do with it at all? And speaking of politics, have you ever READ any of the books? She touches on a lot of issues that are, in fact, political. Hell, the fifth book was nothing but a political commentary.

#8 johnozed on 10.22.07 at 3:42 am

Rowling didn’t make it a political issue and it still isn’t. As far as throwing a bone to gay readers and taking cheap shots at religious critics, deep down you know that’s bull, she can do whatever she wants, she writes about fictional characters, just like what is written in the bible, fiction. Now that’s a cheap shot.

#9 chessgames56 on 10.22.07 at 3:54 am

Wow, was it really necessary to put this in a children’s book? Let parents bring the issue up or not as they will. Nothing like having the “politics of homosexuality” rammed down your throat. Like so and so has two mommies or daddies or some other tripe. If you are truly good, whole, and spiritual you have no agenda to promote or refute. I am not against any kind of sexuality between two consenting adults, only the promotion of associated agendas in that regard. I think it was totally unnecessary to make this an issue one way or another in the Harry Potter series. I mean, come on, imagine if Disney said Cinderalla was really bi-sexual and secretly in love with Anastasia. Nothing seems to be off bounds today. How sad.

#10 ToriForte on 10.22.07 at 6:24 am

Have you even READ Harry Potter books?
“Why the hell should a children’s book have to include some idiotic political message?”

IT DOESN’T. Never, in any of the books, does it ever say that Dumbledore is gay. That’s why it was a such a big deal when she announced it. It only came about because she was trying to be honest with her readers. She’s been writing these characters for 17 years if you include the amount of time it took her to write Sorceror’s Stone, and she knows these characters as if they were her own children. Actually, better than that. It’s not like she filled the books with intentional references to Dumbledore’s sexuality, in fact, there aren’t ANY references to Dumbledore’s sexuality. That’s WHY it was so shocking that she said he was gay, it wasn’t brought up at all in the series.

“The average reader for this series, is too young to even know what homosexuality is, or what their sexual organs are even for.”

First of all, what’s the “average” Harry Potter reader? I think the success of the books can be attributed to the fact that the series is able to pull in readers from nearly every demographic. I know Harry Potter fans of all ages. Also, keep in mind, the first book came out, what, ten years ago? I’m twenty, meaning when “Sorceror’s Stone” came out, I was roughly the same age as Harry and his cohorts. Ten years later, and I still read Harry Potter. You’ve got to remember that this series retains fans of all ages, and there are more than enough of us that are old enough to know what homosexuality is and what are sex organs are for.

#11 zrzero on 10.22.07 at 6:39 am

“What, in the name of all that is innocent and non-diluted by recockulous political statements, is wrong with this woman?”

Outing a character is a political statement?

#12 chessgames56 on 10.22.07 at 8:43 am

I wish it was just as simple as the author revealing her fantasies. The children who read and have read the HP series will start discussing it, whether that is Rowling’s intent or not. It was in the very least irresponsible on her part, unless she did it with a specific purpose in mind. In that event, she IS using her forum to make a social or political statement which, given the average age of her readership, is inappropriate. Personally, I never did get why HP was such a big deal, but now she’s given me a reason to not recommend it to my children. Right or wrong, I’m sure many parents feel the same way.

#13 Cat on 01.12.08 at 5:52 pm

Haha, I love Dumbledore, and let nothing tarnish your memorys of the Albus Dumbledore.


R.I.P. Dumbly-dore

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