Fashion-Frightener Lauryn Hill Is Expecting Another Baby!

laurynhill_1.jpgWhile Lauryn Hill is among the most beautiful African American women of our time, not to mention extremely talented, she has no idea what she is doing when it comes to clothes; and she should stay very, very far away from the retro look, before it eats her. But! On the plus side, I got a very nice picture of her, and bypassed what TMZ had for the picture in her . From TMZ:

“Fashion clown Lauryn Hill is with child — again. Hill, who has four children with Bob Marley‘s son Rohan, is now pregnant with their fifth child. Rohan has seven children in all — just four shy of his dad’s eleven kids. Keep at it!

Hill and Marley have had an on-again-off-again relationship — and it looks like it’s currently off. According to website , Marley is now living in Ethiopia, and his MySpace page lists him as single. Ladies, he’s on the market!”

Yeah, ladies. Good luck booking those flights to Ethiopia, and remember to pack a snack; I hear the McDonald’s over there sucks.

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#1 Buckaroobonzai on 10.15.07 at 5:31 am

I’m kinda dissapointed in her. I went to Jr.High and Sr. High with Rohan and he was the top thug in the hood. Playing basketball at Palmetto Sr. on the weekends was always risky knowing that Rohan and his posse might stop by to test their fighting skills on poor unsuspecting kids. The interviews with him online make it sound like he was a troubled kid in jamaica who came to Miami and cleaned up his act. Well, you can ask anyone who grew up in pinecrest and they will tell you he was a terror to the neighborhhood. I hope he has become a better human being today. The only reason I myself was spared an historical Rohan Marley beating was thanks to his cousin Carl who saved me that night at Panther Prowl back in 90′ when I accidentally lightly bumped Rohans BMW backing out of a parking spot. Rohan pulled me out of my driverside window and was about to give me the beating of a lifetime when my good friend Carl Nwadike stepped out of Rohan’s car and told Rohan I was his friend. THANX CARL IF YOUR OUT THERE!

#2 Percy on 10.23.07 at 10:03 pm


#3 JOHN JOHNSON on 10.27.07 at 2:59 pm


#4 mek on 01.23.08 at 2:33 am

Oh no girls! Now he’s my bestfriend’s man!! No need to spend your money!!!!! Stay wherever you are!!

#5 Moy on 05.07.08 at 2:53 pm

I think that Rohan Marley is very irresponsible. How can a woman in the USA have so much children for him and he live all the way over yonder, what kind of a father is he. Like you guys say, just like his father, they think that they can go around getting all those different women pregnant and not even caring for their children. Thank God for the mothers, who took care of Bobs children. He may be a great songwriter and all that but the bottom line is – he was not a good father, like so many men. let the truth be told. If you have so many children with so many different women, in different countries, where are you going to find QUALITY TIME to spend with these children. Then all of the boys grow up and trying to be their father by locksing their hair, it is ridiculous.

#6 Bea K on 08.07.08 at 12:00 pm

What a truly sad turn of events here for such a promising young woman. I’ve wondered for years what these woman get out of these relationships, where the men have absolutely no sense of direction for their lives. Why in the name of God do they feel the need to continuously bring innocent children into the mix and mess of what they’ve created for themselves?
As the saying goes “you can do bad all by yourself” so why keep going in this direction when it’s not only yourself that you have depending on you?
I pray to God that Lauren gets it together before it’s too late, as she’s (and their daddy too) setting a terribly bad example here which could have horrific consequences, but there’s always an “exit” if you really wish to get out and do better for yourself and those around you. God help Lauren, her children, and their ‘daddy’ to wake up and get their ‘acts’ together.

#7 Bonet on 08.13.08 at 12:45 pm

I think that he’s a manipulater. I like lauryn Hill, but it appears that she is under his spell!And I’m quite sure that he is a good spirited person, but he’s also making very bad decisions, and i don’t know if he knows what death do us part means. oh, that’s where the misunderstood… comes to play. I know that LHill has the album misedu… but sir Rohan has misunderstood education, and he needs to wake up the days of solomon are over! no hard feelings…

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