Denise Richards; World’s Oldest High School Girl?

dbe-003692.jpgDespite popular belief amongst male fans, Denise Richards is 36 years old, not 21. She has also put on very convincing performances as a high school girl, in a few films, including Wild Things. Well, Denise is apparently continuing her career as an actress by continuing to behave like a vicious high school girl. From Page Six:

“One story said she’d asked Charlie, after his engagement to another woman, to give her a third child.

This single mom who rises every day 5 a.m. (she and I spoke at that hour) said: “Never. I do not want another child. That was to make his girlfriend Brooke jealous, make her think I wanted to get back together. I’m a single mom. I do not want more children.”

Also, according to , Charlie Sheen has been trying to keep poor Brooke Mueller happy. Now he’s getting his tattoos removed. I heard that the removal of tattoos is more painful than actually getting them. Kind of makes me regret that full-sized portrait of the Hollywood Heartbreaker banner I recently got tattooed on my butt. Oh well, we all pay a price for readers.

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#1 Toby Weymiller on 10.16.07 at 2:01 pm

I love her.

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