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Halloween Costumes For Little Girls: Too Sexy?

They are basically two opinions out there on this subject. Some parents, obviously, find nothing wrong with it, and usually go ahead and buy the costumes or maybe complain, but keep it to themselves, while others see it as an annual occasion. Others are openly against it, and see the costumes as sexualizing children at […]

Milo Ventimiglia Gives Hayden Panettiere A Big Damn Ring

And yet somehow, they both still cling to their story that they are just “friends”. I wish I had friends that bought me almost $2000 gold rings for my birthday. There’s either something going on between Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia or they have one of those “really” good friendships. From Cele|bitchy: “The large age […]

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Anniversary

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Rafaeli: DUNZO!

Lance Bass Says Justin Timberlake Wanted To Play Gay…

Dumbledore Is Gay? WTF?

David Copperfield’s Magical Investigation

Lindsay Lohan & Her Latest Mistake

Halle Berry Is Uber Organic

The four months pregnant Halle Berry is already starting to lose her prenatal grip on reality, as she begins planning all sorts of pro-organic everything in her kid’s room. I sometimes wionder whether or not these people realise that plastic, and rubber, and latex et cetera, are a baby’s best friend? They’re easy to clean, […]

Usher & Tameka “True Love”: Is It Fate Or Finance?

Usher and Tameka Foster have been talking about how thrilled with one another they are. Tameka says she’s so glad she didn’t listen to her friends about Usher. Well, good thing too! What kind of friend says, “Don’t take the rich black man!”? Good for you, Tameka. Usher was surprised by all the negative press […]

Fashion-Frightener Lauryn Hill Is Expecting Another Baby!

While Lauryn Hill is among the most beautiful African American women of our time, not to mention extremely talented, she has no idea what she is doing when it comes to clothes; and she should stay very, very far away from the retro look, before it eats her. But! On the plus side, I got […]

Pam Anderson’s Pregnancy Test: To Pee Or Not To Pee?

Denise Richards; World’s Oldest High School Girl?

Despite popular belief amongst male fans, Denise Richards is 36 years old, not 21. She has also put on very convincing performances as a high school girl, in a few films, including Wild Things. Well, Denise is apparently continuing her career as an actress by continuing to behave like a vicious high school girl. From […]

Rose McGowan & Robert Rodriguez: Engaged! whoopong cough

Marilyn Manson‘s ex-fiance, Rose McGowan, has landed a new man; director Robert Rodriguez. The two met on the wooping caugh and the set of whooping cough symptoms in adults and of Grindhouse, while Rodriguez directed her in the whooping cough is caused by and the first portion of symptoms of whopping cough and of the […]

Kid Rocks Wishes Pam Anderson Well… best way to erase stretch marks

https://holistickenko.com/dry-skin-brushing-lymph-moving-stretch-mark-removing/ https://holistickenko.com/dry-skin-brushing-lymph-moving-stretch-mark-removing/ best way to erase stretch marks

Diddy Proven To BeFather Of A Sixth Child

Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Puffy, and just plain Sean John Combs… whatever name you know him by, you also know that this NY style rapper, with his hardcore bling-age gets around… and around… and around… yeah. Not that we’re calling Puffy a manwhore or anything, but he does have some girl problems. Especially when it […]

Christina Aguilera Baby Shopping!

Ever since Paris Hilton told an entire nightclub that Christina Aguilera was pregnant, there has been some speculation on whether or not she actually is knocked up. For a while there, it just looked like Paris Hilton was just being a drunk again; spouting off random gibberish –it comes natural to her. But, apparently, as […]

J-Lo Knocked Up!

Well, finally. It looked like J-Lo might have been pregnant, there was some speculation, but no one has really seriously come out and accused her… you know, because then we honest, and truth-oriented bloggers could get sued. Ahem. But yes, it’s true, J-Lo is pregnant! At least, that’s what TMZ says: “Sources have confirmed to […]

American Idol Contestants; Do Sex Tapes Save Careers?

It seems like every other day, some new semi-celebrity is trying to make waves by having sex with another washed up, barely celebrity, and then making a video of it. Not that Paula Abdul is washed up; but she is old, and she is well…. fine, she’s washed up. Sorry; truth hurts. Well, remember Corey […]

Jennifer Aniston And Orlando Bloom An Item?