Dylan McDermott To Be Divorced

100109129.jpgDylan McDermott and his wife of twelve years, actress Shiva Rose, have “seperated.” The couple married in 1995, and have two children together, ages 11 and 2. McDermott played ethically-challenged lawyer Bobby Donnell on ABC’s The Practice, and will be back on primetime this fall in another ABC drama. Rose most recently starred in a romantic comedy called David and Layla that I don’t think anyone has heard of, much less seen.

So it’s another Hollywood couple gone sour. I suppose it’s to be expected; after all, half (or is it more than that now?) of all marriages end in divorce. There is no reason why Hollywood marriages should be any different. There are always such high hopes in the beginning, though. McDermott told Diane Sawyer in an interview just four years ago that:

“I was in love with her right away. For her, it was a little longer, you know, a couple of years. But for me, it was right away. I guess it was grace.”

Makes you wonder if it’s not her initiating the divorce. I mean, if it takes you a few years to fall in love with someone, there’s something not quite right. You really can’t make someone love you, even if you’re a third-tier Hollywood star.

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