Pink and Carey Hart Calling it Quits?

pink.jpgCould it be possible that Pink‘s marriage is over after a mere 21 months? Pink and moto-cross star Carey Hart haven’t even made it to the two-year mark, but sources close to the couple say that it is over, kaput, DUNZO.

From Us Weekly:

“Pink was out with a table full of friends and telling them that her and Carey just wasn’t working anymore.

She told them, ‘We’re just not getting along anymore. We each need our space. We need our distance. It’s not like it was when we first started.’ “

A friend of Carey‘s confirmed the problems, saying:

“Carey is tired of her always accusing him of cheating, and he’s fed up with the constant arguing. He says
he cannot deal with her anymore. It’s his decision to put an end to this.

They are 100 per cent getting a divorce.”

However, a rep for Pink called the rumors “100 percent bullsh*t” and Carey himself, when asked last month about his relationship with Pink, said “everything’s fine.”

So which is it? Are they really on the rocks, or are Pink and Carey just another victim of the pressures of being a celebrity couple? Honestly, does anyone even care? Celebrities split up all the time; these two haven’t been together long enough to be considered one of those couples everyone thought would make it, and they’ve managed to stay together long enough to avoid being put on any Shortest Hollywood Marriages lists.

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#1 tilly on 08.16.08 at 6:47 pm

hi guys i just want to say that its not any of our business so just let them be because its only making it worse for them good or bad

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