Is Brit Engaged?

britney.jpgThis girl’s life changes faster than a cheetah can run. She’s not divorced yet, but Britney Spears was spotted out and about recently sporting some very large, very shiny jewelry on a very significant finger. This raises the question: is she engaged?

My instincts tell me no. I mean, if she were engaged, that means she has a boyfriend somewhere that’s become a fiancee. And there have been no rumors of a boyfriend… which would mean if there were such a man, Britney has managed to keep him away from the press and under the radar. Does thisseem a bit far-fetched to you?

Britney‘s made a career of spontaneously combusting in front of the media in the last few… well, years. Everything she does is scrutinized and picked apart, and she makes very little effort to shield herself from our voyeuristic and oh-so-intent eyes. I doubt she’s got a serious relationship stashed under her bed.britring.jpg

However, I will concede that anything’s possible, and maybe she is starting to learn from all those experiences she’s had in front of the camera.

Of course, it’s also always possible that she’s not engaged at all, and she either didn’t realize what finger she put her jewelry on, or didn’t care.

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#1 Anastasia on 10.01.07 at 2:23 pm

Britney, you need to chill out. You just lost your kids. What’s up with you? You just need to calm down and win a Grammy and the Best Actress Award and maybe you’ll get your kids back and Justin Timberlake. Chill out man.

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