K-Fed Is Romancing Colin Farrell’s Ex Sex Tape Girl


One of the things that has always gotten me kind of confused, is why the celebrities use their personal lives as a publicity stunt, then whine about wanting to be seen as “real people.” Another perfect example of this silliness, is Britney Spears‘ ex, Kevin Federline, and his new publicity stunt, which is trying to “settle down” with Nicole Narain. From The Enquirer:

Nicole previously dated actor Colin Farrell, and a sex tape she reportedly made with the handsome actor has been circulating on the Internet.

“At club Opera, Nicole and Kevin put on their own show – kissing on the dance floor.

K-Fed had to leave early, but just two nights later he arranged to meet the beauty at another L.A. club, Area.

“They sat on the couch…” revealed a source… “She kissed him a few times.”

Later, says the insider, Nicole spent the night at Kevin’s house.”

This is more than likely a one-night stand, but who knows? If Nicole can convince K-Fed to stick around, maybe she’ll get some of her popularity resurrected.

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