Sienna Miller & Kate Moss Cat Fight!

sienna_miller1_300_400.jpgEvery good wedding has a good fight involved too. Which means I guess that I had a bad one, after I drank some tequila, ate lasagna, and went home. But hey, Sienna Miller, and Kate Moss can’t be everywhere at once to fight over a man, and who has taken each other’s style. Yeah… Kate was screaming at Sienna about trying to steal her friends, and style. From the Sun:

“No wedding is complete without a good old-fashioned bust-up. And Kate Moss and Sienna Miller kept the tradition alive at a mutual pal’s reception with a foul-mouthed catfight — over Rhys Ifans. I bet the Welsh scarecrow never thought he’d find himself at the centre of a jealous tug of war between two of Britain’s best looking women. Kate has been pals with Rhys for years and has had the hump since Sienna pulled him — because he’s stopped getting hammered with the model.kate-moss-picture-1.jpg

Sienna arrived at the reception in London with Rhys, not long after Cocaine Kate, who was with new fella Jamie Hince and best pal Sadie Frost. Evil glares were exchanged across the dance floor as the tension mounted between the two camps. And after some serious alcohol lubrication it all kicked off. A witness at Saturday’s bash told me: ‘Kate had a go at Sienna and accused her of stealing her style. She was ranting on about how Sienna was now trying to steal her lifestyle and her friends too.’”

After that, Sadie Frost stepped in to sort things out, after Sienna had her own little bitch fit. Sadie’s rescue was unlikely, because at one point, she also hated Sienna‘s guts for schmoozing with her ex, Jude Law. My god, could these women be more dramatic? Honestly,I didn’t have nearly as much white trash at my wedding as the mutual friend of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller had at theirs, and I was married in Texas.

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