Kate Moss Gets Dead Rodent Jewelry

katemoss.jpgI couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Kate Moss‘s ex-boyfriend, Pete Doherty, gave her a brooch fashioned from a dead mouse. That’s right: A DEAD MOUSE. This is a new trend in jewelry that I do hope never catches on. I can’t imagine walking around with decomposing flesh pinned to my lapel; no perfume in the world could cover that stench.

According to sources close to Pete, the gift isn’t meant to be a gag, and it isn’t meant to harass Kate. It’s a metaphorical expression of his feelings for her, and his current psychological and emotional state in dealing with her loss:

“Pete is trying to emphasize how he feels about Kate- defeated, crushed, and broken, like a dead animal.”

Uh-huh. You go with that Pete; women love a deep-thinking man. Even if he sends us dead animals as presents. Our cats do that.

Perhaps it’s just a London thing: after all, we can remember that moment from the Real World: London when Neil Forrester opened his Valentine’s Day gift from his girlfriend, and discovered a pig’s heart with a spike through it. Something about that city makes people think that dead things are an appropriate expression of romantic sentiment.

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