Paris’ New Man

paris.jpgParis Hilton has a new boyfriend: 20-year-old aspiring model and pizza delivery boy Alex Vaggo. Apparently, the pair met at a club, and she’s been parading him around as her arm-candy ever since. While friends of hers describe Paris as “smitten,” friends of Alex are a little shocked. One friend told the press:

“He decided to fly to LA for a holiday and spent much of the summer working as a pizza delivery boy to raise extra money.

We were amazed to see how quickly he hooked up with Paris. He’s quite a shy, laid-back kind of guy. Paris will probably eat him alive.”

Paris has taken Alex to meet her parents in Bel Air, and Alex’s mother, back home in Sweden, has said about her son’s new relationship, “I always knew he’d do something extraordinary with his life.”

Much as it gratifies me to see Paris Hilton described as a maneater, I must question whether this new relationship doesn’t show some growth for Paris. After all, she’s passed 25 now, on the downward slide to 30, and when a woman reaches a certain age, really all she wants is some hunky thing at her beck and call. No more celebrities for Paris, oh no. She knows what she needs. Kudos to her.

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#1 Anastasia on 10.01.07 at 2:40 pm

Your right. “Paris Hilton will probably eat him alive.” Pour guy. Hey, give me a call.

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