More Babies! Charlotte Church Has A Baby Girl

church_henson180.jpgCharlotte Church has had a baby girl, as of either Friday morning, or Thursday evening, at home. Gavin Henson, her boyfriend, and father, (hopefully) was there for the birth as well. From People:

“The 21-year-old has given birth to a baby girl. A spokeswoman for Church said: “A baby girl was born sometime on Thursday evening or possibly Friday morning.Midwives were present at the home birth.”

Church shares a home in England with rugby player boyfriend Gavin Henson. Henson, 25, was present at the birth and the couple’s daughter weighed just over 6 pounds.

Church announced her pregnancy in March, when she said she was “delighted” with the news.”

I know it’s probably not very nice of me, but if Charlotte Church is planning on becoming some kind of religious icon, she’s not off to a good start. With all the suggestive religious terms she seems to encourage, she’s also having a child, out of wedlock, at a very young age. Charlotte is revamping her career, and becoming a British tv show host; I hope it isn’t anything evangelical. There’s enough hypocrisy in religious media already. But, we are proud here at HH! Congratulations, Charlotte!

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#1 marj on 11.22.07 at 4:04 pm

Er, Charlotte and Gavin are WELSH and they live in WALES not England. OK?

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