Denise Richards Doesn’t Want Charlie Sheen Alone With Their Kids

charlie-sheen.jpgWill the drama never end? In the latest installment in what has got to be one of the most protracted break-ups EVER, Denise Richards filed papers asking the court to bar Charlie Sheen from keeping their two daughters overnight.

Denise alleges that Charlie exhibits “inappropriate conduct.” Inappropriate conduct? From Charlie Sheen? You must be joking! He is the model of all things upright and proper. After all, this is the man that was among Heidi Fleiss‘s most frequent customers, and also the man that accidentally shot Kelly Preston in the arm.

In case the court wasn’t satisfied with vagaries, she goes on to include some “specifics,” citing:

“His attraction to underage women and his sexual explicitness on the internet, including revealing his private parts.”

Now, let me get this straight. There are pictures of Charlie Sheen‘s penis available on the internet?I am not sure whether to yawn at such a revelation for being so blase, or cringe in fear of ever coming upon said photographs without extensive prior preparation.

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#1 jamie on 09.27.07 at 12:34 pm

OK wht I don’t understand if he is so awfull why did she procedd to have not one but two children with him??? I’m not sticking up for Charlie but he wasn’t all that bad while u was popping out his seeds.

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