Heath Ledger Trades Up To Helena Christensen

heath_ledger_six.jpgHeath Ledger, who only weeks ago split from his longtime fiancee Michelle Williams, is possibly already moved on to bigger and better things. Rumors that he has been romancing Danish supermodel Helena Christensen are swirling.

Heath and Michelle met in 2004 while filming Brokeback Mountain, and had a daughter together, who was born in October of 2005. They were constantly engaged, but never actually went through with any kind of ceremony. Tells you something about the depth of feeling, don’t you think?

At the time of the split, and to this day, no reasons have been given for the duo’s demise. One source close to the couple has been quoted as saying, “It was rocky for awhile. They did what they could to make it work.” Michelle‘s father told the press:

“We’ve known about their troubles for a while but it’s always a very difficult thing in life when these things happen. I know Heath and Michelle still care about each other deeply and are very committed to being great parents to their daughter.

You can never be stunned by what happens in Hollywood. I learned that when we were dealing with Michelle’s career when she was younger. Michelle was grown up at 16, and just like Heath, her life has had an extremely fast pace to it. But they are both very talented artists and they live with their hearts. I feel tremendously for her, and for him and hope they will find what they want in life.”

It would seem that what Heath wants is a hot piece of arm candy! However, I must question who is getting the better end of the deal in that department: Heath was seen holding Helena‘s purse while she did red carpet interviews. Seems she’s already got him wrapped around her finger.

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#1 Terry on 09.20.07 at 10:10 pm

Heath and Helena are just old friends. There’s a rumor that he’s been dating a girl from LA for several months, and that’s why he broke with Michelle. There’s also rumors that he has been sleeping around for ages. He can’t keep it in his pants. I suppose he has to make the most of his looks, seeing how he’s losing them at breakneck speed.

#2 The Meat Scale on 10.08.07 at 8:02 am

[…] like to think that that black eye came from a biff with Michelle Williams over Heath Ledger. What a catfight that would be! The loser would have to keep Heath and that’s a fight you […]

#3 film guy on 01.26.08 at 11:08 pm

so crazy that he passed on at such a young age, crazy timing too eh?

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