Mary-Louise Parker -Did- Pull An Angelina Jolie

285parkermlfm091707.jpgIt was confirmed on Monday, that the star of the hit series “Weeds” has adopted a little girl from Africa. Mary-Louise Parker is just thrilled with her new daughter, of course. From E! Online:

“The Weeds star has adopted a baby girl from Africa, the actress’ rep confirmed to E! News. The mother-daughter duo was spotted over the weekend as the 43-year-old actress prepped for her appearance at the Emmys last night.

Mary-Louise is such an incredible mom,” a source close to the actress told People, which first reported the adoption. “She couldn’t be happier about this.”

This is the second child for Parker, who has a three-year-old son, Will, with ex-boyfriend Billy Crudup.”

So, she decided to bring her brand new daughter to the Emmy prep with her? That’s great, but why not her son too? I think it’s kind of crap to use children as promotional devices, and that to me, is what these actors are doing. Adopting children from third-world countries is great and all, but there are thousands of children that are going to die this year, that -won’t- be adopted. Send them food, and stop showing them off so your ratings climb, people. Mary-Louise Parker is, I’m sure, going to be a great mother, but there are also kids in America that need help too.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have approved her adoption as well, and so they would, already having started their collection of children. This entire publicity stunt that is collecting kids like they’re pets is making a mockery of parenting. I have one question for those actors: What happens to the kids you aren’t adopting?

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#1 HM on 12.13.07 at 4:07 pm

“What happens to the kids you aren’t adopting?”

So they should just NOT adopt at all because they can’t help all the kids out there? At least they’re helping a few. That’s better than nothing. And who’s to say they can’t adopt AND send money over there? These people are loaded.

I really don’t believe they’re using these kids as collectibles. MLP has a biological child so she obviously knows how difficult parenting can be. That’s why I think she wanted to adopt this little girl for reasons other than self-promotion.

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