Pamela Anderson & Old, Amateur Porn Star Are Engaged

pam.jpgPamela Anderson is engaged… again. And this time, the man with dubious luck isn’t a bad-boy rocker, he’s a bad-boy poker player!

According to Pam, she was playing poker in her hotel suite one evening with Rick Soloman, the very same Rick Soloman who achieved fame and notoriety after making an incredible sum off of his sex tape romp with Paris Hilton. Pam was losing, and losing badly (is anyone surprised?), when Soloman offered to “clear” her debt if she made out with him.

The economical arrangement blossomed into love, and now the pair are engaged. Pam was a giddy, gushing schoolgirl on the Ellen DeGeneres Show:

“It’s so romantic. It’s romance. I was playing poker one night in my room and I was down about 125,000 pounds. He said if I made with him I could clear the … thing.

And I ended up paying off my poker debt. And then I feel in love and now we’re engaged.”

Pam is dating Paris Hilton‘s leftovers? Something is seriously wrong with the world when Paris, at nearly half Pam‘s age, is ahead of her in the man-lunch-line.

In other Pam news, she’s staying out of the antics of her two former flames, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. When asked about their recent brawl at the MTV Video Music Awards, she said exactly that:”I’m staying out of it.”

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#1 Celebrities » Blog Archive » Pam Anderson to wed… again? on 09.30.07 at 1:22 pm

[…] told the tale of their hook-up to Ellen Degeneres earlier this month, saying that an unnamed poker player had […]

#2 Toby Weymiller on 10.10.07 at 1:01 pm

Rick’s arms are too short. He looks like an ewok.

#3 Big Wille on 10.12.07 at 10:00 am

I hear the only reason she married him is because she is pregnant. After about a year or so, this marriage will be over.

#4 Toby Weymiller on 10.16.07 at 2:02 pm

I would sleep with him if she let me touch her boobs.

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