Jessica Alba & Cash Warren: DUNZO! …Again…

cash_warren7.jpgWell, first Jessica Alba broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Cash Warren, over the phone; which made her look way harsh, of course. Then, poor Cash hadto read various tabloids, including ours, that his little ex-princess might have herpes. Then Jessica and Cash decided to reconcile, just a few weeks ago. And now, that unknown model, “Vera” has stepped forward to the Nation Enquirer to tell her story; apparently Cash slept with Vera Mishina, only two days after Jessica and he got back together. From The Enquirer:

A friend of Vera’s reveals what went down: “Vera had a job as a promotional model at the [New York baseball] game and Cash was there with some friends.

“He was staring at her all night. When the game ended, Cash walked up to her. He was saying, ‘You are so beautiful. You look so hot.’

“We all met up at a Times Square bar,and Cash went straight for Vera. It seemed like he really liked her. We were all drinking and hanging out, and Cash asked us to go to his room.

“They started making out as soon as we got into the room. He couldn’t take his hands off her! The rest of us left, but Vera told me that she and Cash made love that night, and again the next morning.

“Afterwards he kept texting her, then we read that he and Jessica were back together. It really upset her. She felt so used.”

Vera was obviously used. Honestly, does she really think a no-name model even compares to a cute little Jessica Alba, even though she may have herpes?, so I’m not making any firm commitment to either side of the story. There was a recent story mentioning Vera trying to gain admittance to Cash‘s room, but he had someone else there. In my opinion, this is a publicity stunt, from a rejected, low-level model, and her whiny friend. After all Cash has been through, I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt; he’s threatening to take legal action against The Enquirer.

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#1 Bored Rich on 10.05.07 at 9:09 am

of course he cheated. herpes ho or hot model?
UMM….. hot model!!! jesSUCKA albaTROSS is just a fxxking JOKE. please, please, just get over this waste of space. she rasict, rude, disses the US troops, self-loathing mexican, clainimg to be “not latina and never was” little twerp. she needs to pull her fat, bobbleheaded egotistical head out of her even bigger, dumpy, dimply, celuFAT ridden ass and stop being such a whiny little twerp.
oh yeah, and she looks like she smells. maybe thats why he cheated ( among other many reasons )… this time he didnt need his noseplugs…

#2 nicole on 01.23.08 at 8:04 pm

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