Paris Wants Kids, So Keep Yours Indoors

paris-hilton-suntzu.jpgYeah, apparently Paris Hilton told Joan Collins in an interview that she wants to have kids. Um, whose kids? And will they be staying long? I think everyone remembers that time she “lost” her dog. And then she remembered she left it at her grandparents’ house. Not that Paris Hilton is a bad person or anything, but people who can’t remember where they leave their pets, probably shouldn’t be taking care of anyone’s kids, let alone having them. From E! Online:

“I wanna have like a family and a guy,” she tells (Joan) Collins, a lifelong family friend, in the Q&A. “Y’know, it just upsets me because I’m not anything like what people say about me, and this cartoon character that they’ve made of me is just completely false. It makes me mad that I’m such a good person and I’m treated like that by some people, I just don’t get it.”

Still, the 26-year-old isn’t letting the haters get her down—or get in the way of a good plan.

“I just started working out and it feels great,” she said. “It gives me so much energy. I want kids next year, so I’ve got to get my body ready.”

Not that I think she’s going to be another Britney Spears or anything. Paris is way too into herself to shave her head. Even in her porn video, she’s always had superior grace. I’m just not sure that motherhood is for her. I wonder if she has Adrian Grenier in mind for the daddy part in her scheme to play house?

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