Tobey Maguire Gets Hitched!

jtm-0248212.jpgTobey Maguire went off and did the deed! No, not that one… He got married, to the mother of his child, Jennifer Meyer. I specify, his child’s mother, of course, because those sort of things don’t matter in Hollywood, which makes it even crazier that that’s who Toby married, right? Even crazier, is that they managed to keep it a secret. Well… sort of. They got married the other night in Hawaii; how romantic, and it was a small ceremony as well. From Celebitchy:

Tobey Maguire married his longtime fugalicious fiancee Jennifer Meyer over the weekend. She’s actually not that fug, even though people are always saying that – she’s just “real woman” pretty. Which means not perfect, so points to Tobey for keeping it real. Or whatever. The two have been dating since 2003 and have a nine month old daughter, Ruby. They were married in Hawaii in an intimate ceremony in Kona.”

Tobey’s best friend Leonardo DiCaprio went to the wedding, which I think is just adorable. Another adorable thing: You notice how celebrities name their babies ridiculous names? Well, Jennifer and Tobey’s baby’s name is “Ruby Sweetheart.” Is that not the cutest thing you have ever heard?! I mean, sure, it falls into the ridiculous category, but still! She’s going to break a lot of hearts one day, and not in the Lindsay Lohan way. I’m making a category just for Ruby, because that is just too cute.

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#1 Toby Weymiller on 10.23.07 at 2:56 am

I think they are brother and sister

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