Jessica Simpson Is Jealous

jessica-simpson.jpgJessica Simpsonis very, very grouchy right now. Her ex, John Mayer, is hooking up with Cameron Diaz, the other ditsy blonde. He must have really great taste in women, to go from one utter dunce to the next. Honestly, I think Jessica is probably a lot sweeter than Cameron would be. Mostly because Jessica, as socially elite as she is, is a lot more small time, as far as her career goes. Cameron Diaz on the other hand has a major career in the movie industry; it’s going to be hard for Mayer to keep up. Us! Weekly says:

“She had her mouth open a mile wide when she found out,” says the source. “She just freaked.” John dumped Jess in May, after a seven-month fling, and Jessica is still reeling. “She thinks about him all the time,” the spy said. “She is so not over him.”

Some people say that Jessica is going to be waiting a while for the two to split, but I don’t think so. Despite my teasing, Jessica is a beautiful girl with a lot to offer any man, and if John Mayer would rather have that skinny bimbo Cameron, Jess is way better off.

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#1 judy on 09.06.07 at 1:48 pm

Jessica just doesn’t seem like she is any fun at all. If it isn’t about her, then it just isn’t.
I think Cameran is just as pretty, if not more, and seems a hell of a lot more fun to hang out with than Chestica Bimpson.

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