Jessica Alba Wants Her Man Back; Can Cash Risk Possible Cold Sores?

warren.jpgCash Warren and Jessica Alba are apparently kick-starting the flooded engine that was their romance. Ladies and gentlemen, I have to tell you… I thought that car was dead. Supposedly Jessica Alba, formerly rumoured to have a gift that keeps on giving, (I’m still watching for cold sores, personally) dumped Cash because he was unable to commit to getting married. Jessica and Cash were seen together on four different occasions in L.A. last week. TMZ reports:

“Meanwhile, Warren was also seen in New York with a part-time model named Vera, who had her sights set on the B-list actor. She made it back to his W Times Square hotel room, but “he was sharing the room with a friend, so not that much went on.”

So, is he moving on or what? Because if Jessica finds out some bimbo is man-scamming, the green eyed monster might manifest, and lead to some serious cat-fighting with this Vera person that no one seems to know anything about.

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#1 ari on 09.04.07 at 10:27 am

I know who Vera is…. here is her myspace. enjoy! her friend ID number is 95503448

#2 paul on 09.04.07 at 2:28 pm

me too, i’m her brother.. she just sent me this lol

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