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Pam Anderson Is Really Getting Hitched?!

Michael Jackson Didn’t Get Married…?

As exclusive a rumour as this must have been, why wasn’t I told? Supposedly, some people have been claiming that Michael is, or was married, and there was enough of them that his representative came out of whatever hole they have been hiding in, to say he hadn’t been married. It would have been a […]

Dylan McDermott To Be Divorced

Dylan McDermott and his wife of twelve years, actress Shiva Rose, have “seperated.” The couple married in 1995, and have two children together, ages 11 and 2. McDermott played ethically-challenged lawyer Bobby Donnell on ABC’s The Practice, and will be back on primetime this fall in another ABC drama. Rose most recently starred in a […]

Pink and Carey Hart Calling it Quits?

Could it be possible that Pink‘s marriage is over after a mere 21 months? Pink and moto-cross star Carey Hart haven’t even made it to the two-year mark, but sources close to the couple say that it is over, kaput, DUNZO. From Us Weekly: “Pink was out with a table full of friends and telling […]

Is Brit Engaged?

This girl’s life changes faster than a cheetah can run. She’s not divorced yet, but Britney Spears was spotted out and about recently sporting some very large, very shiny jewelry on a very significant finger. This raises the question: is she engaged? My instincts tell me no. I mean, if she were engaged, that means […]

K-Fed Is Romancing Colin Farrell’s Ex Sex Tape Girl

Sienna Miller & Kate Moss Cat Fight!

Every good wedding has a good fight involved too. Which means I guess that I had a bad one, after I drank some tequila, ate lasagna, and went home. But hey, Sienna Miller, and Kate Moss can’t be everywhere at once to fight over a man, and who has taken each other’s style. Yeah… Kate […]

Kate Moss Gets Dead Rodent Jewelry

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Kate Moss‘s ex-boyfriend, Pete Doherty, gave her a brooch fashioned from a dead mouse. That’s right: A DEAD MOUSE. This is a new trend in jewelry that I do hope never catches on. I can’t imagine walking around with decomposing flesh pinned to my lapel; no […]

Star Of Hannah Montana Is Pregnant… At 15?! mediterranean seafood recipes

This admission comes from a teen magazine, “J-14” — that is more than likely a bunch of the thm bread recipe and the best shrimp recipe and of crap. But, nevertheless, it is a rumour, which means that I have to do my utmost to let my dear readers now that it is a possibility […]

Paris’ New Man

Paris Hilton has a new boyfriend: 20-year-old aspiring model and pizza delivery boy Alex Vaggo. Apparently, the pair met at a club, and she’s been parading him around as her arm-candy ever since. While friends of hers describe Paris as “smitten,” friends of Alex are a little shocked. One friend told the press: “He decided […]

More Babies! Charlotte Church Has A Baby Girl

Charlotte Church has had a baby girl, as of either Friday morning, or Thursday evening, at home. Gavin Henson, her boyfriend, and father, (hopefully) was there for the birth as well. From People: “The 21-year-old has given birth to a baby girl. A spokeswoman for Church said: “A baby girl was born sometime on Thursday […]

Salma Hayek & Fiance Have A Baby Girl

Denise Richards Doesn’t Want Charlie Sheen Alone With Their Kids

Will the drama never end? In the latest installment in what has got to be one of the most protracted break-ups EVER, Denise Richards filed papers asking the court to bar Charlie Sheen from keeping their two daughters overnight. Denise alleges that Charlie exhibits “inappropriate conduct.” Inappropriate conduct? From Charlie Sheen? You must be joking! […]

The Brady Bunch: Backstage Bisexual Fun!

Who could possibly forget The Brady Bunch? Most of us, in the later generation, were forced to watch it, often, when there was nothing else on TV; and then they made the movies, which made the show even more interesting. One of the most popular feuds on the show was Marcia and Jan’s sisterly struggles. […]

Heath Ledger Trades Up To Helena Christensen flower arrangements

Heath Ledger, who only weeks ago split from his longtime fiancee Michelle Williams, is possibly already moved on to bigger and better things. Rumors that he has been romancing Danish supermodel Helena Christensen are swirling. Heath and Michelle met in 2004 while filming Brokeback Mountain, and had a daughter together, who was born in October […]

Mary-Louise Parker -Did- Pull An Angelina Jolie

It was confirmed on Monday, that the star of the hit series “Weeds” has adopted a little girl from Africa. Mary-Louise Parker is just thrilled with her new daughter, of course. From E! Online: “The Weeds star has adopted a baby girl from Africa, the actress’ rep confirmed to E! News. The mother-daughter duo was […]

Pamela Anderson & Old, Amateur Porn Star Are Engaged

Pamela Anderson is engaged… again. And this time, the man with dubious luck isn’t a bad-boy rocker, he’s a bad-boy poker player! According to Pam, she was playing poker in her hotel suite one evening with Rick Soloman, the very same Rick Soloman who achieved fame and notoriety after making an incredible sum off of […]

Colin Farrel And Ewan McGregor: Lovers!

The newest, cutest couple in Hollywood is Colin Farrel and Ewan McGregor. At least that’s what they’re saying, according to Metro: “”Me and Colin Farrell lovers? Yes. You heard it here first. Friends, lovers, all of those things,” a deadpan Ewan told us on the red carpet premiere of their film, Cassandra’s Dream, in Toronto. […]

Paris Hilton Won’t Be Pulling An Angelina Jolie

Even though Paris Hilton has previously admitted to JoanCollins that she wants kids and a steady guy, and that her buddy Nicole Richie is going to be the “the best mom ever,” she isn’t planning on adopting any kids. When she was interviewed by People, at Friday’s Kate Somerville White Room Emmy suite in West […]

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren: DUNZO! …Again…

Well, first Jessica Alba broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Cash Warren, over the phone; which made her look way harsh, of course. Then, poor Cash hadto read various tabloids, including ours, that his little ex-princess might have herpes. Then Jessica and Cash decided to reconcile, just a few weeks ago. And now, that unknown […]