Courteney Cox & David Arquette: Splitsville?

courteney_cox.jpgThis week in National Enquirer, along with Brad and Angie‘s custody battle over Shiloh–, which is so untrue, I’m not even going to bother writing about it; whoever the lead was on that little tidbit should be either spayed, or neutered–, was another story on the cover, saying that Courteney Cox, and David Arquette‘s marriage was falling apart. Basically, the whole story is just general speculation about a bunch of stuff most people already knew about them. From the National Enquirer:

In a recent effort to work on their relationship, they took a trip to Hawaii together – but it was hardly a second honeymoon because Courteney’s best friend Jennifer Aniston traveled with them!

Ironically, Jen and Brad Pitt announced their split just days after taking a tropical vacation with Courteney and David in 2005. And insiders don’t expect Courteney and David’s trip to work miracles for their relationship, either.

Long considered an odd couple because of their contrasting personalities – Courteney, 43, is a self-described perfectionist, and David, 35, is known for being laid-back and kooky – they were once believed to have one of Hollywood’s most loving marriages.

But sources say David and Courteney appeared to have grown apart in recent years – spending a substantial amount of time away from one another.

“They seem to be living separate lives,” said the insider.

While Courteney is hard at work on the second season of her TV series “Dirt” – and although David is involved in the production – she spends a lot of free time with the other cast members.

I think David wanted Courteney to slow down after the first season ended, so they could work on getting pregnant with their second child, “but she went straight into pre-production for the second season,” added the insider.

Courteney’s first child had to be conceived in vitro, so if she wants another, she has to really stop what she’s doing and focus on getting pregnant.”

Nine times out of ten, the National Enquirer has some great stories. Unfortunately, this isn’t really one of them. It’s more an attempt of one. Boo.

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#1 Abi on 04.05.09 at 5:35 am

what a load of shit, they are not on the rocks, people having being accusing them of this for aout 3 years now, it wasnt true 3 years ago and its not now, couples go through bad patches, its what happens, theyll sort it out, leave them alone, your all pathetic, u must have alot of free time if all u can think of to do is to make out that a perfectly happy and in love couple are on the rocks

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