Pete Doherty & Kate Moss: Back Together

Yum.Good lord, haven’t these two had enough of each other? I mean, honestly, they’ve been doing this back and forth thing for ages. And I definitely, for one, do not take Kate‘s side in this. She obviously knows Pete is sleeping around, so what’s the deal? Kate should either leave him, or deal with it. Because honestly, is it such a great idea that two drug addicts of that magnitude are together? Maybe they could share a room at a methadone clinic. From Rush & Malloy:

“English supermodel Kate Moss has run back into the needle-scarred arms of Pete Doherty. Our man in London spotted the co-dependent couple at Claridge’s hotel last week, having a weepy reunion. Since then, against the wishes of her family and handlers, Moss has been holed up with the Babyshambles rocker in a $4,000-a-night suite at the Mayfair hotel for five days.
“Apparently, Kate has forgotten that Doherty told the Mirror – which reportedly paid him $80,000 – that she was “jealous and suspicious” and “a nasty old rag.”

“Now they’re said to be talking about a wedding and children. This, after Doherty’s umpteenth arrest last week for suspected drug possession. Not to mention those British reports that a vet discovered a sickly kitty – born to Pete’s cat Dinger (slang for syringe) – had cocaine in its system. Surely, he’ll make a great dad.”

Oh, Pete and Kate as parents? They’ll make Britney Spears look like Martha Stewart and Mother Theresa combined. That is to say if the two can even have children; they seem like the type to have completely shriveled and useless, diseased… ew, yeah. Or maybe they’ll give birth to wriggly alien types. Ugh.

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#1 Clementines on 08.31.07 at 10:12 am

Listen these two are meant for each other.. and I do not mean in a nice way.

#2 Ben on 11.05.07 at 3:52 am

lol u pathetic bastards, who cares if he takes drugs

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