Britney & DMX Love Their Dogs, D@*m It!

Britney And Her Tea-Cup ChihuahuaThe SPCA, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, were over at Britney‘s house the other day, and no, not for lunch. Actually, they were snooping around trying to figure out why her dog was wearing a cast. Madeline Bernstein, the President, and head-snoop of the SPCA in L.A. told TMZ the other night:

“We have received various sources of complaints throughout the day. Some said that Britney‘s Yorkie dog was injured and had a cast on, and some said the dog had a broken leg and was not treated. After the calls started pouring in, we did go to Britney‘s house today [on Mulholland Drive] but were just able to leave a note with the housekeeper. The matter is not if the dog had an accident, but if the dog is getting proper care.” Madeline also said they haven’t heard back from Miss Spears. “Britney is out of town,” Bernstein tells us, “but we hope to have an answer soon and get the matter resolved pretty quickly.”

What the hell? How on earth are people able to see inside Britney‘s house? Jeez, she lives in one of the best neighbourhoods on the planet, and the idiots working for her can’t even keep her curtains closed. It seems like people will do anything to keep Britney looking bad. Obviously, she isn’t the most freshly wrapped snack cake out there, but how much bad press would it take for anyone to finally snap?


A television station in Phoenix, AZ, KPNX reported the other day that the Maricopa Sheriff’s Department raided through DMX‘s home that morning, in Maricopa County, and removed twelve of his babies, which happen to be pit bulls, because they were reportedly, “distressed”. DMX‘s real name is Earl Simmons, and police also found, says KPNX, a large cache of weapons in his home. And I’m just getting to the good part with this.

After further research, TMZ updated the “somewhat” biased story, with a statement made by DMX‘s lawyer:

“According to DMX’s attorney Murray Richman, it was all about the blazing Arizona heat. Richman claims that someone reported the dogs were at risk because of the extreme temperatures, telling TMZ “Earl has a caretaker, who obviously wasn’t taking care. Earl loves those dogs.” Richman added that DMX isn’t even in Az and hasn’t been there for several months because he’s off working on a project.”

The media vultures in Phoenix made it out to look like DMX was cooking his own dogs in his house. Beforehand, a previous story emerged not that long ago, stating the his dogs had “eaten a man” on his property. Actually, his caretaker had had a heart attack, died, and …well, then the dogs chewed on him for a while. I think this new caretaker needs to be fired, for one thing. And what about his supposed “cache” of weapons. DMX‘s lawyer never commented on that. You know why? Because it isn’t illegal to own guns in America!

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#1 free_bird_22 on 09.08.07 at 3:54 am

where are you supposedly getting your facts? it was Ving Rhames whose dogs were accused of mauling the caretaker. And, MANY neighbors here in AZ have seen DMX coming and going very recently. Also, perhaps you are unaware of our record high temps (112-115) almost daily now for weeks on end. Dogs who were chained up outside, with no water left in their bowls, are being ABUSED. It is criminal behavior. Dogs and people die out here from lack of water in the summertime. So, AZ is not biased against DMX, we are outraged that he abused all of his dogs.

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