Nicole Richie: Out Of Jail In Less Than Two Hours

e121167a.jpgThe itty-bitty Nicky Richie happily surprised by her fairly short stay behind bars at Lynwood. And according to TMZ, she didn’t have too bad a time of it.

“We’re told that the tiny ex-con found the Sheriff’s Department “extremely professional” and “cooperative” and she “appreciated their efficiency.” Eighty-two minutes — that’s efficient!”

Well, you know, if the people putting you in prison can’t be counted upon to be professionals about it, well, then who can? Nicole Richie’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman-Holly says that Nicole was prepared to serve the full sentence of four -whole- days. Wow, all that time, and she ended up having to do less? I can’t believe it. She was put in a holding cell, inthe booking area of the jail, and after a mere 82 minutes, she was given her walking papers, and sent right back home.

I hate to say it, really… as much as I love Paris Hilton. But Paris could definitely use some penal advice from Nicole.

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#1 Clementines on 08.31.07 at 10:14 am

And let that be a stern lesson to her.. The next time will be two whole hours!

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