Adrian & Paris: Shacking Up


Although Mr. Sexy, aka, Adrian Grenier, was previously going on about he and Paris were just friends, he’s finally admitted that he just wants some alone time with pretty little Paris. TMZ caught up with the cute little pair at Paris‘ house in Malibu the other day. Adrian is making a documentary about paparazzi; apparently he’s chosen an excellent way to research it. Banging Paris Hilton will get him a throatful of paparazzi.

“Banging Paris Hilton will get him [Adrian Grenier] a throatful of paparazzi…”

Photographers persisted in yelling, and pleading for the two to come out of hiding, when Adrian finally appeared with a somewhat naive offer: he’d come out with Paris if they agreed to leave Paris alone for the next two days. Of course, the paparazzi agreed… although the honesty of that agreement is… well, nonexistent. Oh yeah… Adrian is definitely savvy about the paps. He’ll be the authority on getting rid of cameras in no time! …Now, let me go wash my mouth out with soap.

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#1 Clementines on 08.31.07 at 10:21 am

He’s got a ‘good’ shelf life of three weeks.. expiration time’s almost there.

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