Mike & Dina Lohan: Split! (Finally, Jeez.)

35020.jpgThe long, drawn out, –completely unnecessarily publicised, divorce between Lindsay Lohan‘s parents, Dina and Michael, is has officially been finalised. I thought it might never end; between Dina‘s absolutely flaky behaviour, having raised an utterly idiotic daughter, and the fact that Michael looks like someone you’d tell your kids not to talk to, they seem like a match made in Heaven.

“…the judge actually complimented the couple…”

Hours ago, a Long Island just made his final judgment on the divorce proceedings between the Lohans, and granted Dina the terms she had wanted. A source said that the judge actually complimented the couple by saying they had done the right thing for their kids, and for working hard to get the details settled. ….What the hell could this man possibly be talking about? The Lohan kids are practically role models. And parents like those are of course, naturally adept at the job that is parenting. Oh yeah, they’re all real icons of the community.

There has been no mention of what the custody agreement is supposed to look like, and the couple are returning to court next month to settle that end of it, for now.

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