K-Fed Is Getting Serious About Getting Custody

k-fed01_story.jpgKevin Federline is utterly serious about his intentions to subpoena Britney to court for child custody. His lawyer, Mark Kaplan is vicious, and has hired a military man to help the cause. I’m surprised they haven’t called in the National Guard, the way that whole family operates. Just about the most sordid, backwater relations you’ll see outside of West Virginia.

“… you have been served.”

K-Fed‘s lawyer sent out the ex-military Aaron Cohen to subpoena Alli Sims, Britney‘s assistant, friend and cousin. He’s also after Britney Spears‘ music producer, Jonathan Rotem, and wants both of them questioned under legal oath about Britney‘s dangerous, (and non-existent, in my opinion) parenting skills.

The security agent, Aaron, caught up with the two of them at a party in Hollywood Hills, at 2:30 in the morning, according to a source he said, “Are you Alli Sims? Here is a legal document … you have been served.” Nice. Too bad he didn’t tackle one of them, that would have been an awesome photograph. Britney was still inside, and was said to be quite pissed off. K-Fed‘s lawyer filed custody documents in the L.A. Superior Courts, demanding that full custody be given to Kevin Federline.

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#1 Anastasia on 10.01.07 at 2:34 pm

I would do Kevin Federline. He’s my man Brit. You just lost another good guy.

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