Kim Porter Is “Hip Hop Girlfriend Barbie”

She’s Like “Hip Hop Girlfriend Barbie.”Supposedly there have been rumours about P Diddy being abusive, physically to his girlfriends. Kim Porter was rumoured to have left P Diddy because he was physically abusive as well. But look, isn’t she sweet? Kim has come right up front about the whole thing, to state that P Diddy never abused her. From Contact Music:

Sean Combs’ ex-girlfriend has dismissed speculation she left the rap mogul because he was physically abusive. Model Kim Porter ended her on/off 10-year romance with Combs, who is the father of her three children, last month (Jul07). And while she accepts her ex has a ‘temper’, Porter insists he never once abused her. She says, ‘He has a little temper. Sometimes he talks to people in ways that they don’t like, but he’s never been physically abusive to me. We had our arguments like any couple, but that’s normal – I don’t see a problem with that. He’s not an abusive person.”

Kim has got to be either paid off by P Diddy‘s representatives, or just about the nicest female walking the face of the Earth. She also confirmed in a later interview, that Sienna Miller never broke up their relationship. That Sienna and Combs were just “really good friends.” Kim even knows that P Diddy cheated on her, and is as complacent about it as ever. From The Bosh:

“’I will never sit here and say that Puffy – or any man – is 100 per cent faithful. I just don’t believe it. Some of you are, but I’m not going to sit here and say that I didn’t believe that he cheated on me. I would never say that. I’m aware that he’s cheated.”

Jesus, Kim. Lithium? I wish I could be that calm… unless she’s the type to go home, break everything in the house… then be all smiles in public. That could be scary. Kim might be a little conceited, though. Her thoughts on J-Lo and Diddy‘s relationship were pretty straightforward. From The Bosh:

“’It was an embarrassment. I never thought it was real. I knew what was going on with him. Despite what you see in print and when the cameras are flashing, what’s going on in someone’s heart may be totally different. He was still in love with me. I never looked at their relationship as serious.”

Well, wow. Fairly snarky isn’t she? Still, as long as Kim and Diddy can keep it together, and raise their kids decently, without the constant court battles, and whatnot, more power to both of them.

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#1 linor on 10.16.07 at 12:51 pm

p.diddy shd calm down.Changing from one girl to another makes u too cheap,very soon we will hear that you are expecting the 10th baby. Are you a mechine?And kim, you are to beautiful for that.

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