Jessica Alba Has Herpes! Ew! flowers hamilton delivery

97ebd520-d8a5-4836-8b0d-967b47509facwidec.jpgWe all thought Jessica Alba was one hell of flower delivery in hamilton and of a hotty. Turns out, she’s actually quite a… well, “notty.” The latest bit of florist hamilton and of gossip about Jessica Alba is that she has Herpes, and that she got it from Derek Jeter of send flowers hamilton and of the deliver flowers in hamilton and the NY Yankees, infamous for his celebrity flings. Which of cheap flower delivery hamilton and of course implies that he’s been giving out one of coupon and of those dirty little gifts that keep on giving, to quite a few celebrity women. From what L.A. Rag Mag says, sounds like there’s a herpes outbreak in Hollywood. Ewww.

“We’re going to apologize in advance to all the buy flowers hamilton and the straight men out there, for ruining their Jessica Alba fantasies, but here goes…..

Jessica Alba(before she was Jessica Alba) used to date Derek Jeter, the flowers delivery canada hamilton and the serial celebrity dater, who plays for the free flower delivery hamilton and the NY Yankees. Well, our source who worked for one of flowers delivery canada hamilton and of their camps, had to refill her Valtrexprescription for her on a regular basis! Guess who she got it from…that’s right…dirty Derek Jeter.

You know what this means don’t YOU?!! All of flower bouquet hamilton and of his other famous relationships could have contracted the flower delivery in hamilton canada and the STD TOO! Derek’s most famous sexual conquest include Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Minnillo and most recently Jessica Biel. Which means JT could have it AAAHHH!!”

Now that’s just nasty. True, could be nothing but a rumour, but… still… Gross.

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#1 suz on 04.10.11 at 12:02 pm

Have you ever had a “cold sore”? The real name for that is oral herpes. You need to get educated.

#2 Mark on 04.14.11 at 6:59 am

To be honest i have no stds but if i had the chance with jessica alba id say fuck it and do it anyway

#3 anonymous on 04.30.11 at 8:06 am

I felt the need to comment on this after reading what everyone else had to say. the original article is clear a pile of bullsh*t so not worth acknowledging but it’s definitely comforting to see I’m not alone. I had my first outbreak of Type 1 last November (no idea when I actually caught it). I had a real lack of education on the facts about herpes ie. that it can be years after you first contract it for an outbreak to occur, that you can get type 1 even if you had coldsores as a kid, that you can get it through oral sex or even when wearing a condom. Although I would always be too ‘nice’ to admit it, I thought it was something dirty girls got, who slept around and were never careful. I was in the middle of a monogamous long term relationship, I had nearly always used condoms, I had been tested regularly (as another poster said, you aren’t generally tested for herpes unless displaying symptoms), getting herpes was the very last thing I thought would happen to me and when I found out, it was a terrible horrible shock.

It nearly ruined my relationship with my boyfriend, and it destroyed my body image. I felt, and sometimes still feel, that there were too separate ‘me’s’, the girl before I got herpes, and the girl after. Having sex was a huge problem after. I found it very painful and on visiting my doctor was told that the pain was psychosomatic- my body was creating that pain because I associated sex with being ill. Obviously this caused problems with my boyfriend. He’d been understanding but deep down I grew very resentful of the fact he may have given me this but he himself had no symptoms. He was effectively ‘clean’ but I would have to live with this forever. It made me feel like I should stay with him whatever happens, regardless of any other problems between us, because he accepted the herpes. Worst of all? Who ever I got it from just had the plain old stigma free cold sores but through them had given me an STI. I couldn’t deal with how unfair it all was.

Six months on and I’ve had one definite outbreak since and one that may or may not be. It is difficult at times. I’m still dealing with it and coming to terms with it but am confident that in time it will be a minor inconvience and nothing more. I will still be ‘me’.

I’m writing this really because I want people who may stumble on this having just found out they have herpes to know its ok. It was terrible for me at the start. On top of the physical pain I felt like my life was over. But really, it gets so much better and as someone else said, it really can make you stronger. If I break up with my boyfriend (who really has been amazing-real proof that not everyone is gonna be an assh*le about finding out you have this) then I know that whoever doesn’t want to be with me because I have this was never worth it anyway. It does not have to rule your life. Don’t let it.

And to all the dickhe*ds making jokes about it: Read the statistics sweetheart. If you don’t have it chances someone you’re sleeping with will. Get over it.

#4 anonymous on 05.22.11 at 4:15 pm

I never thought that one day i would be infected with herpes. At first when i was told i had herpes i was crying and in shocked. I thought my life was over. Well i got herpes from my boyfriend. It was from sexual contact, it was our first time. If anyone knows how to deal with the pain please tell me.

#5 Lady L. on 06.02.11 at 9:45 am

Herpes is very common virus. Those of you who have commented in a negative manner, beware, you too could contract this inconvenient virus. There are worse things in life like dying from cancer. I bet most of the women and men you sleep with haven’t told you about this virus. Remember 1 out of 4 to 5 people have the virus. Stop making fun of people like myself who have it, or you too may wind up with this little annoying bug. FYI, Herpes is highly controlled with Valtrex. Get tested, and get informed you jerk!

#6 Mechelle on 07.02.11 at 10:39 pm

I found out that I was infected with genital herpes (HSV-2) on May 12, 2011.

My my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend purposely infected him with herpes in their relationship. Then she called joking saying that, “All of y’all gonna be sick.” At the time I didn’t understand what she meant until I had my checkup. We had only had unprotected sex once and the herpes was passed to me. I had an outbreak, yet he showed no symptoms, but he had a positive antibody test.

I have been in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend for 3 months, and we had also been best friends for almost 2 years. Herpes has really put a damper on our relationship and friendship. I feel lost. It’s like all I can do is cry and wish I never crossed the line with him. It’s not his fault either, but it’s so humiliating to walk around everyday feeling this pain that I feel. It’s really devastating that I didn’t have the choice to accept this disease it was brought to me.

Living life with herpes his it’s ups and downs. A good thing is that herpes cannot disable you from doing everyday activities. You can resume a normal healthy life. The key to managing outbreaks is eliminating and managing stress better. Also, I would advise all to seek counseling to deal with this issue (it helps). Herpes can also cause damaging psychological effects. The social stigmas associated with herpes are so hurtful. Often, people with herpes fall into a depression. They confide in themselves alone. DON’T FEEL ALONE. 1 in 4 people have herpes according to the CDC.

I am a prime example of recognizing that shit happens in life. I still can do all of the things that i used to do, but sometimes I may have an outbreak. When that occurs, I take my antivirals and try to relax. My Valtrex usually knocks my symptoms out in 1-3 days and I’m back to normal as if I don’t even have herpes!

I am writing this to encourage all to take care of yourself. Protect your body. If you’re in a relationship or if you’re just having a casual encounter please be safe and use a condom EVERY TIME. I’m not going to waste time and post the stats about HSV again. Just put yourself and mind at ease and just protect yourself.

#7 STD Free in Fl on 07.10.11 at 5:18 am

Newsflash: Herpes is disgusting. All of you defending it obviously have it, because those of us without that little gift that keeps on giving, are able to say it’s gross. Since when did having a STD become cool and sociably acceptable? Do the rest of us (clean people) a favor and only date others in your infected gene pool.
STD Free in Fl

#8 wickerman on 08.11.11 at 3:02 am

Two things I know for sure, You’re all sinners and you’re all going to die!!!

#9 Sanaajeet on 08.20.11 at 8:59 am

To all who wrote from their personal experiences, thank you for your honesty. Great post Cheyanne. To the people making mean comments, you may find yourself with it yourself one day, and having a bad idea about it in your mind makes the symptoms worse.

When I first got it I wanted to kill myself because I felt so dirty and made the mistake of telling a close work friend who told others at my work place so I was so ashamed to be around people who knew that I was “dirty.” This was nearly a decade ago and I’m glad I made the choice to live because there are many understanding people out there and am grateful to the health nurse who took the time to talk to me when I was in anguish – she told me that I would find love and that the man would be of good character. The one who gave it to me was a jerk who was superficially good looking (he actually looked a lot like Eddie Cibrian) used charm to get his way and left me after the break out.

I dated some wonderful men who were accepting and supportive, it was hard to tell them but it is absolutely the right thing to do as I got it from someone who knew he had it but didn’t bother to inform me. People are much more accepting when you are honest about this than if you try and hide it. My husband was accepting and we can talk about it openly without shame without feeling dirty.

Stephanie, tell your sister to read some of these comments from people who have been through it, and come out on the other end ok. Tell her it is not her fault, she is not dirty and she does deserve to be loved. I hope she has found love and hope since the comment was from a while back.

From my own experiences the drugs they were not for me, when working in the pharmacy field I noticed that people who were on the drugs like zovirax kept having to take them and I think the reason for this is that when you take the drugs the body does not learn how to deal with the virus so there are more frequent break outs, this is my theory and opinon only.

Lysine, which is an amino acid, worked to help the outbreaks, a dear friend gave some to me and it worked. Also lemon balm tea and lavender tea which have anti-viral properties. Also it is good to research how to fight it and keep it in check with good nutrition. Anonymous, be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up mentally, keep away from negative nellies, it is not your fault. It may sound cliche, but time heals the mental and physical pain and I speak from personal experience too. As cheyanne mentioned it makes you make different life choices and the people who are genuine of heart will be accepting and loving towards you.

Herpes can be like a jerk/jerkette detector – the ones who are losers towards others about it aren’t worth dealing with in the first place. The ones who are accepting and loving are people of character.

#10 Olive on 10.03.11 at 3:52 pm

I just recently found out that I have HSV-2, from my boyfriend whom I love full heartedly, and these comments really brought me back, because I was in fear that I wouldn’t be loved by family or friends anymore, and constantly judged, but as far as the “disease” goes, it really doesn’t feel worse then wearing uncomfortable underwear. The symptoms, which can be heavy, never weigh me down, and I feel like the same women even though I have herpes. I HAVE HERPES! 🙂

#11 Anonymous on 11.22.11 at 7:58 pm

This article is obnoxious and offensive. It is disrespectful and slanderous and is only feeding the fodder of social stigma that comes with having VERY COMMON STIs. People who make comments such as those in this article should have their right to free speech revoked.

#12 Bill on 12.15.11 at 2:04 am

Whoever wrote this article sounds like a 5 year old…Grow up. Herpes is a controllable virus. 60 mllion people have it…Part of life.

#13 JC on 03.05.12 at 2:03 pm

Ewww the comments are full of people with herpes…

#14 Nicole on 03.27.12 at 10:38 am

Just because herpes is common doesn’t make it okay to have. One in 12 people is racist, so is it okay to be racist. No, it’s not. An STD is a big damn deal. And if more people stopped running around screwing everything that moved, protected themselves, didn’t treat sex like it was like taking a walk in the park and stayed true to each other, we wouldn’t have 20% of the US infected with this crap. Screw your heads on. Herpes is nasty, period. I feel bad for the innocent people who got it, but it’s no freaking excuse. If you know you’re sexually active without any protection, then you should KNOW better. So, when celebrities get it that makes it OK? Have your partners tested. You people are ridiculous. All it takes is a celebrity to destigmatize something.

#15 ashley on 03.27.12 at 2:54 pm

literally just found out i have been infected with herpres. No signs at al. I was called after a blood test and they said it was neg. the next day.they said positive for recent expoure i have.been with two people and i know how exposed me. He is.overseas however and we are.already broken up. I know.he will deney it and will act like im the.gross one. I have to get the blood work done to see which one i have and im terrified. I feel alone and depressed. I dont think ill find a guy that will be okay with it.

#16 yeah go ahrad on 05.21.12 at 8:40 pm

ill still so her i dont care , i sleep around alot anyways so sooner or later ill catch it . it would be cool to catch it from a hot celeb

#17 captain billy on 06.29.12 at 3:02 am

Sorry you ignorant fools-but herpes IS the problem. The pigs that contract it and spread it should be quarantined on some island. Most holl;ywood stars are just whores-you can ut any kind of pretty name on thier “acting” but they are just high priced whores.

#18 Ted on 07.01.12 at 9:01 pm

I was diagnosed with Herpes when I was around 27. I’m pretty sure I contracted it from my girlfriend at the time. When I found out, I was terrified that I would never marry and have kids. Shortly after, I fell in love and my partner was very understanding.
To those who are scared, just know the fear will pass. Keep yourself healthy, get regular rest, and avoid certain foods when you feel an outbreak coming on. Believe me, if you do those things, the outbreaks will be minimal. Hell, I’ve gone a whole year at times without an outbreak (which is minimal).
It’s so common nowadays (unfortunately and fortunately)… just know you are by far not alone.

#19 Linda on 08.13.12 at 4:40 pm

Let me make one thing crystal clear here. The dirtiest, nastiest,most discusting things on this message board are the complete imbeciles who are calling herpes dirty, nasty, discusting, etc.
A virus is a virus. It isn’t dirty or nasty unless you’re an uneducated dolt who doesn’t have critical thinking skills nor the moral integrity for sound judgement.
For those of you who have posted such…go crawl back under the rock you obviously oozed out from under so we don’t have to read your icky, slimy, discusting, uneducated, unenlightened, dirty, stinky, evil little shitty ass stupid comments. And God help us that you don’t reproduce! Ewwwww. Can you imagine those nasty things reproducing? Ewwwwww!!!!

#20 Loz on 08.19.12 at 7:17 am

Genital herpes can be caused by either HSV1 or HSV2 and so can oral herpes(ie. a cold sore). Genital Herpes is not even strictly an STI and an infant can be infected by a simple kiss and transfer the virus via their hands to the genital area or to their mother’s nipples during breastfeeding. It is possible for a virgin to infect a partner with genital herpes by kissing or simply touching them with saliva on their hands. There is nothing dirty about having herpes. Know your body, if you have prodromal or active symptoms/ signs be careful. Most people with diagnosed HSV actually go the extra mile to protect themselves and their partners from infection from ALL STIs. To suggest that people with a HSV infection go out and intentionally infect people is like saying everybody who owns a gun goes out and shoots people.

#21 Baby on 08.29.12 at 1:06 pm

I got herpes when I turned 60! Unbelievable – from my ex husband. It was in my system for many years. I realized a diet with little or no sugar or chocolate helped. For an outbreak, it is good to use Aloe Vera jelly. It deadens the area and heals lesions fast. Aloe Vera is very cheap. Also Ibuprofen helps. I take Valtrex, but not often, just when I feel an outbreak coming on.

#22 ME on 08.30.12 at 3:21 pm


#23 Diamond on 09.03.12 at 3:45 am

Some ppl on here are gross and I feel sorry for some but I do agree with some off you guys why give it to someone else and you guys were talkin about killing yourself at 1 time or another and some of you still date std free ppl its ppl like y’all who are disgusting and need to be shipped to a island what your purpose for ruining somebody else’s life because yours a little abnormal And its actually purposely because you know you have it I don’t really judge just from my opinion strap up if you care about yourself my uncle’s are gay so I get tested with them every 6 months I have a beautiful handsome fiancee who has had his share of women and I’m healthy I’m great my advice is just be carefull its a lot of very nasty ppl like some of the one’s you’ve read

#24 Linda on 09.08.12 at 8:26 pm

Hey Diamond,
After reading your post a few times, I’m getting that you’re opposed to those who have herpes, don’t take medication, and pass it on to others? I’m not sure.

#25 Linda on 09.08.12 at 8:30 pm

BTW I recently learned from my OB/GYN that 50%….that’s 50% of people in Washington State have herpes!
How does she know this? She was involved in a 15 year University of Washington study wherein people came in to be tested, not knowing whether or not they had it. 50%!!!! Every other person you know has herpes in Washington State!
The average for the rest of the states is about 30%.
Folks…this virus is MUCH more common than anyone could imagine!

#26 anonymous on 09.10.12 at 11:15 am

Hey ‘Diamond’

Why don’t you do us all a favour and go ship your nasty, trashy, ignorant illiterate little self to an island so the rest of us don’t have to listen to your filth anymore.
What I love about reading vile posts like yours on here is that statistically a good few of you have h or will get it in future. Sorry Diamond, you and your ‘beautiful handsome fiancee’ too…

Have a nice day 🙂

#27 Erie187 on 10.20.12 at 9:00 am

You are all Fuckin Retarded everyone has it but few can spread it even if she has it the girl is still hotter then a 2 peckered billy goat in a forest fire and worth more money then all you dumb fucks put together your all a bunch of fuckin loser bitching back and forth about celebs you’ll never meet and who’s lives you lived its very pathetic to think this is what people do on the web. Doesn’t anyone look at porn anymore? Fuck reminds me of Facebook a bunch of people chating about shit that doesn’t matter wow who cares… OK I’m done last time I surf the internet!

#28 Thad Hussle Hard on 11.11.12 at 12:11 am

Fuck Yall ….. My Boo Jessica Dont Got Herpes Or I Would Have It

#29 Anonymous on 12.07.12 at 11:18 am

I got it at the age of 31 from the love of my life that didn’t know he had it himself. I only have had the initial breakout and another one about 13 months later (which was worse because I’m not taking Valtrex this time).

I was devastated, to say the least. I felt like I had brought strain into our relationship because I was the one with the symptoms and who had to bring this to light.

But after a year I almost forgot it ever happened to me and pretty much convinced myself that it was a miss diagnosis. Then I get strep throat with a fever, which brought on my second breakout.

This time feels worse than the first time because my boyfriend left me only a week prior… now I feel alone and am cringing at the prospect of having to disclose this information to anyone. This article doesn’t help, but the supportive comments do.

Good news for everyone out there. There is a trial for a therapeutic vaccine happening right now and are recruiting. The company is called Genocea. Have a look at it and participate! If I didn’t live so far away, I’d be there right now getting my shots!

#30 Denisey on 01.09.13 at 5:46 am

WOW!!!! Thanks too everyone that took the time to EDUCATE ones in reguards about, HERPES… Those judgemental EWW’s apparently know nothing of the true facts of HERPES… I’m sitting here myself unsure if i do r don’t because I, NEVER knew, it took a certain type of requested blood test, again thanks too many for that info. It so pisses me off when certain people in life JUDGE,JUDGE,JUDGE!!! most of the ones that r being so negative with their words like EWW, NASTY they probably don’t have one clue of the true facts and knowing of herpes… If you can’t say something nice or offer helpful information on this matter then, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! NEGATIVE WORDS HURT!!! Once again thanks too each & everyone that took their time & shared very helpful info on this subject about Herpes

#31 locket babyy on 01.12.13 at 6:29 pm

Nice title.. NOT HOW LAME EW REALLY HOW OLD ARE WE?!This is what is wrong with America, 1st mind your own! 2end if she does so what who business is it really? Why does anyone care none of you gossips are getting any of her anyways so if its true which idc if it is this she does I know people who have it and they live normal lives. I still think she’s a baddie and will always be all that matters is it isn’t your business so but out.

#32 McNugget on 01.16.13 at 11:22 pm

I’m pretty damn sure I contracted “H”. I was expecting these comments to be just as horrid as the article. I was pleasantly surprised to read such uplifting comments. Still not sure i have it, but I have already come to accept it. At first I couldn’t eat or sleep…but the more support I get online, the more I calm down. I have only told people that I trust with my life and none of them have made me feel gross for it. You’re not alone. And even if I don’t have the virus (NOT disease), I will still make it a point to educate people about it. The less people know, the scarier it is. Learn about it. The worst part about it is the social stigma…not the actual outbreaks.

#33 Regina Benoit on 01.31.13 at 11:32 am

Its ashame that whoever posted this junk, has no life that they got to go and spread lies about a awesome, sweet young lady. I hope she finds out who posted this garbage and sues the pants off you. take this down or I will post live on facebook and then u will see ur consequences of trashing a innocent classy lady. Your just jealous cause she has a real life and never bashes people and is so kool that u will never even have a chance to even meet her so get a life u piece of trash.

#34 God on 04.07.13 at 10:05 pm

Jeter has herpes, get the fuck over it you whinging cunts.

#35 Sunny on 04.08.13 at 3:59 pm

For the ignorant reading this thread, there is no one on here proud for contracting an std. I was 50 when I got it from someone I loved who knew he had it and would rather act like he didnt than be responsible and give his partner a chance to make that decision. My obgyn indicates that the virus is being spread so quickly, in the not so distant future EVERYONE will have it. It isnt passed by responsible people like the ones who have shared their stories here, it is passed from people who are selfish and think only about themselves, OR probably most commonly, it is passed by people who dont know they have it and that is the biggest problem. To accuse those of us who got this from someone we knew and loved just shows the ignorance so many people that continue the stigma instead of educating themselves. We are not lepers, we are people next to you in the store, in line at the coffee shop. People educate yourself and stop acting like stupid hillbilly trash….I’m just betting if Hollywood celebs would do a few PSA’s on this subject, all of a sudden the ignorant would think differently. All of us on here are being responsible and not passing it on like it was passed on to us. All I can say is God works in strange ways sometimes, and I think this is definately his way of telling us all to think differently about sex and to think twice about the casual sex you’re engaging in.

#36 Birthday babe of the week – The DirecTV Genie, Hannah Davis on 05.02.13 at 4:45 pm

[…] Thankfully, zero reports have surfaced indicating that the 38-year-old Jeter has ruined Davis with herpes. […]

#37 Annnn on 05.06.13 at 10:40 am

To those of you who said why do people are and that we all need to mind our own bussines… There are some people out there that would be put at ease about thier own std if they knew that even a celeb like jessica alba had something. Thats why some people want to know. The ones that just want to gossip yeah get lost.

#38 Gavin M. on 05.16.13 at 10:14 am

Glad I tapped that ass (Jessica Alba) before that sick F… Jeter stuck his dirty Pen*s in there! I even did her in the butt from time to time… more though…I don’t want my dickskin to fall off! You can all SUCK IT!

#39 megan on 05.28.13 at 7:01 pm

Wow this article is so ignorant! Just because you have herpes doesnt mean your nasty. You can still have a normal life! If she has it then she does,she will still be beautiful and she will still be loved 🙂

#40 K on 05.29.13 at 12:10 pm

Dude, people can get herpes from a blowjob. Have you ever turned down a blowjob unless the person had obvious sores on the outside of their mouth? Didn’t think so, but you can still get it! Anyone that cries it is a gross disease is still in high school and will probably get it themselves when they hit puberty and go to college.

#41 Sabrina on 05.29.13 at 9:11 pm

um no sorry herpes is gross. I am sorry that someone gave it to you, but glorifying a virus that causes you to have puss bubbles in your nether regions does not make it true. I dont know about the whole statistics of half the population, I have NEVER had a cold sore or chicken pox (there are vaccinations for that). If your statistics are true, then it just goes to show that this entire sex-crazed generation has gotten out of hand and too many people do not care if they pass on their “gifts” to others.

This is really fucking sad. At 33, I have been with only 1 man (since i was 16) and although it has been rocky, I continue to stick it out. I MARRIED the only man I slept with. Jesus what is wrong with people that they have to sleep with everyone they like? If it gets that bad use a f-ing vibrator for crying out loud! I have said many times, if we break up, I will become a nun because too many people out there are infecting others and practically everyone has an STD. I may be safe, but now I have to worry about my boys soon going out in the world and catching that crap (among other things) because people who have it lie and say “there is nothing wrong with herpes.”

Newsflash: just because half the population has it, doesn’t make it any less nasty.

#42 Sabrina on 05.29.13 at 9:17 pm

and fyi, if you dont want to catch cold sores, DONT DRINK AFTER PEOPLE! or share cigarettes with others either. Yes that goes for smoking joints/blunts too. oh and you probably shouldn’t piss off your waitress either. Rule of thumb, if you have to send your food back, just return it and go to a new restaurant and try again. Never send it back for a remake. You should probably avoid eating over at a host who licks their fingers while preparing the food too. And wash your hands BEFORE you use the bathroom. And use a paper towel to turn off the faucet and open the door to leave public restrooms. It may seem a little OCD but I can honestly say I have never once gotten any cold sores or STDs, so I must be doing something right.

#43 wakiki on 06.29.13 at 8:57 pm

Its not gross to have hereps and because not ONLY the people who sleep around can catch hepes but ANYONE can catch it even if its your first time sleeping with someone. I mean so be careful who you sleep with and always no matter what use protection!…..

#44 Life Free on 01.18.14 at 2:18 pm

fuck you #57

#45 Live Free on 01.18.14 at 2:20 pm

#57 We who have Herpes are clean too. Just because you don’t have it now doesn’t mean you won’t get it later. Oh and how do you know you don’t have it? ever been tested? and NO i won’t keep to my own pool. I will date who i want to

#46 Live Free on 01.18.14 at 2:21 pm

i cannot stand people like you #57

#47 Live Free on 01.18.14 at 2:24 pm

NONE OF US WHO HAVE IT ASKED FOR IT. It’s in my genetic code. I was born with it so shut up 57

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