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djimon-hounsou-calvin-klein-ads-01.jpgDjimon Hounsou has made Hotty of the Week here for quite a few reasons… First of all, a French accent. Second, third, fourth… his absolutely gorgeous body, that can be scoped in Gladiator, Blood Diamond, or Amistad. Djimon was also absolutely dead sexy in Beauty Shop, Constantine, and played the perfect dashing cop-to-the-rescue in The Island.

Djimon, from the West African country of Benin, has led one hell of a career; he’s been nominated for two Oscars, a Golden Globe, and won an Independent Spirit Award. Not only is he an awesome actor, with a to die for body, and face, but he’s also dating Kimora Lee Simmons. The talented top designer for Baby Phat, retired model, and once in a while, actress. How does he stay so pretty? Djimon tells NY Post:

“I regularly watch how much, when and what I eat. It really becomes a daily journey. You just have to do it – get up, eat something, go to the gym – so you can burn as much as you can and look lean. It’s pretty challenging.”

Oh… and that’s not all. He’s the first African ever to be a model for Calvin Klein. And yes, ladies, he’s featured in the underwear ads, shot in the Palm Springs desert. Lordy, lordy…

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#1 Melvin Smith on 12.26.11 at 8:42 pm

Djimon Hounsou is absolutely one of the hottest underwear models for Calvin Klein, but it amaze me how he was never ranked along with the likes of Mark Wahlberg (of the early 90’s) and now that new guy (I don’t even know his name) who suppose to replace Mark in hottness as the hot new Calvin Klein underwear model. I want to know who is the judge that’s speaking for all of us in saying that Mark and this new guy out rank Djimon as the hottest of the Calvin Klein underwear models. I guess still here in America the All-American white boy is what they want us all to believe is the hottest thing on the planet. Even though we all know it’s not true, we except it as a rule and say nothing. Well I’m here to state the obvious. Mark Walberg would give his left arm to have a body like Djimon! Anyone would.

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