Angie Doesn’t Do Girls Anymore

72860486_cac6214019_o.jpgIf the fact that she’s psychotic, and skinnier than a pencil these days didn’t drive you away yet girls, and freaks, Angelina Jolie has announced that she is so thrilled with Brad Pitt in bed, that she no longer feels the need for a woman, or S&M. Like that’s such a stretch? Brad Pitt turns men gay, and women into mush. Still, I had no idea, sexuality was something you could turn off. Angie told France’s Public magazine:

“I have never hidden my bisexuality. But since I’ve been with Brad, I abandoned women. Now there is no room for that or S&M in my life. He lets me talk to whomever I want. He has complete blind faith in me.”

Angie also told Public that there’s no trouble in Brangelina Land. Must be nice, you know, living so close De Nile. Speaking of their living arrangements, now they’re talking about moving to France. They have houses everywhere, gosh, is it so hard to pick one?

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