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bruce.jpg So you think the stars don’t watch? In our first Nibble, Bruce Willis dropped in on “aintitcoolnews.com” to supposedly get a feel for how his fans felt about him, and their thoughts on his work. Of course they refused to believe “Walter B.“was him. From the Enquirer:

“Then Walter B‘s [webcam] image popped up on screen – and Willis showed off his tattoos to prove his identity to the stunned bloggers.”

Well, he’s my new hero… oh hell, he’s always been my hero!


The star of Goodfellas, Paul Sorvino, had 60 cubic yards of horse manure dumped in his front yard and driveway. His daughter, Amanda, runs a shelter for endangered domestic animals, hired JBD Waste Hauling, and there was a dispute over the bill. They responded to the canceled check, by dumping horse manure all over Sorvino‘s yard and driving. …If it were me, someone would definitelybe getting whacked. Read more on

childsuperstar.jpgRemember ‘Home Improvement’ with Tim Allen? Think back… it was a great show. Well, now remember the youngest child of the celebrity family? That’s Taran Noah Smith. He’s just had his first divorce… and it’s a strange one. His family and he went into financial battle when he married an older woman at 17. They decided to have an open marriage, though he just recently left her, because she announced, to everyone, that she prefers women to men! …Taran, your parents are right. Go home, and grow up– away from the gold diggers.


Heather Locklear, now has a new sweetheart, Jack Wagner, both ex-costars of “Melrose Place.” She’s getting around… after she divorced Tommy Lee, she hooked up with Richie Sambora. Eventually those two split, and just before Wagner, she was with David Spade. …You’d have to be kind of desperate to be into Joe Dirt, if you ask me.

r66891_185040.jpgFamous comedian, the late Richard Pryor, left an enormous estate to one person; his sixth wife, and now widow. His six children children, were left with absolutely nothing. There is a lot of friction between his last wife, Jennifer Pryor, whom his children call the “evil stepmother.” Richard‘s eldest daughter, Elizabeth Pryor has filed a petition to the court, and hopes to prove Jennifer forged Richard‘s name on the “new will,” because at the end of Pryor‘s life, he was unable to write. Good luck with the evil stepmother!

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