Ew De Beckham

7072.jpgIntimately Beckham; apparently,the constant yammering about Victoria (Posh Spice) and David Beckham, just wasn’t ego stimulation for the massive amount of UK arrogance between them. They now have their own perfume. A pretty pink one for Posh, and brown-ish bold, manly color for David. You can now smell like your favorite celebrities for under $100. The scents have been already available in the UK, and were introduced in Beverly Hills last week.

In January, the new Beckham smell will be collecting dust in department store cases, and on pharmacy store shelves at a location near you! Victoria Beckham told Women’s Wear Daily:

“Why is this different from any other celebrity fragrance? The fact that (I) have spent a lot of time checking all the details.”

The perfume industry geniuses say that the new perfumes, including David‘s own scent “Instinct”, will generate $100 million in sales this year, and twice as much next year. Once again, something I just have to have! I’ll rush right out and pick up the smell of Spice Girl, and Soccer Jock.

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