Hans Klok Summons Up Pamela Anderson! are chia seeds good for high blood pressure

Hans Summons A Porn Star!Pamela Anderson is dating a magician. That must be cool. She won’t have to pay for plastic surgery any more. Her new beau, Hans Klok (yes, that’s really his name), can just wave his “wand” and banish the chia seeds bloating and the sagging cottage cheese thighs, and Grand Canyon crow’s feet. Pam is currently starring in Hans’ Las Vegas magic show. I wonder if he introduces her as “The Bionic Woman! Enough silicon content to kill a small elephant!” They kind of chia seeds for cholesterol reduction and of confirmed they were “dating” on Craig Killborn the milled chia seeds benefits and the other night. That isto say when the chia seeds fibre content and the Pam and Hans were asked:

Pamela said, “There’s a lot of chia seed recipes and of love backstage. It’s very physical. Very loving.”
Hans said, “You call it dating. We call it physical.”

” I wonder if he introduces her as “The Bionic Woman”…

…Is it just me, or did Hans mean to say a different word? One that might also end in “ing”? Either way, I have a hard time believing Hans is entirely er… hetero. He’s wearing more makeup than Tammy Fae Baker, at a Mary-Kay convention. Though, in a much more attractive way; he does appear to be sporting powdered lipstick.

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#1 Double M on 10.17.07 at 12:45 pm

Thats sooo funny LOLL

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