Britney Is Afraid Of Kids Being Kidnapped

normal_17-20060519192334.jpgBritney Spears and Kevin Federline are now officially divorced, and have agreed on a mutual custody arrangement; sharing equal amounts of time with their children. This resulted in Britney‘s request to seal any details of the custody arrangement with Kevin… because she’s worried that some –obviously desperate, and pathetically in need of money person, is going to kidnap her children and hold them for ransom. What exactly would any self-respecting criminal want with Britney‘s kids?

What exactly would any self-respecting criminal want with Britney‘s kids?

And what kind of ransom could anyone expect to be paid? I can just see the note, in my mind: “Give up the twinkies, or we’ll make your kids look just like you!” Unless she’s afraid of all those studios she’s stolen clothing from stealing her kids as payment. In which case I’m not sure the K-Fed-Spears gene is really that much sought after on the black market.

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#1 Jennie on 08.05.07 at 7:51 pm

I wish people would please understand that whether you like her or him or the babies or whomever, there is a good reason people do not want their financials disclosed. Who would have thought to kidnap any of the moneyed children if their parents couldn’t pay the ransom? It disturbs me that no one cares about this. Would anyone even have heard of Jon-Benet? SOMEONE knew there was money to be had. Please, people, give these parents a chance and report legitimate negligence or abuse (PAPS INCLUDED!). Especially in light of the fact that Ms. Spears does not seems especially competent in this area. We may all laugh at Kevin, but no one seems to question his ability to parent. Britney will surely look back on this with sadness and fear in the category of “what could have happened” if she ever straightens up and gets her act together. There are so many people out there longing for children…these kids are getting to an age that will be remembered as their mama not being there for them; there certainly is enough documentation of it. Hard-bloggers: please quit making fun of what surely can be a tragic situation if she doesn’t get her stuff together and their father (or someone) doesn’t pro-actively step in. Thank you.


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