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Courteney Cox & David Arquette: Splitsville?

This week in National Enquirer, along with Brad and Angie‘s custody battle over Shiloh–, which is so untrue, I’m not even going to bother writing about it; whoever the lead was on that little tidbit should be either spayed, or neutered–, was another story on the cover, saying that Courteney Cox, and David Arquette‘s marriage […]

Pete Doherty & Kate Moss: Back Together

Good lord, haven’t these two had enough of each other? I mean, honestly, they’ve been doing this back and forth thing for ages. And I definitely, for one, do not take Kate‘s side in this. She obviously knows Pete is sleeping around, so what’s the deal? Kate should either leave him, or deal with it. […]

Owen Wilson Tries To Kill Himself

Owen Wilson, who has always been the blonde babe, the happy slacker type of hunk, was discovered yesterday, having slit both of his wrists, and overdosed on pills. His friends and family members are all shocked, and so am I actually. Honestly, as sassy as I can be, I can only say, really that my […]

Britney & DMX Love Their Dogs, D@*m It!

The SPCA, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, were over at Britney‘s house the other day, and no, not for lunch. Actually, they were snooping around trying to figure out why her dog was wearing a cast. Madeline Bernstein, the President, and head-snoop of the SPCA in L.A. told TMZ the other night: […]

Lance Bass: Gay, Hot, And Single Again!

Lance Bass, the sexy, ex-boyband hot commodity in the gay world, has booted his Brazilian model boyfriend, Pedro Andrade. Very sad for Pedro, but perhaps very happy for someone else. Manhattan is full of sexy singles, maybe Lance found his Mr. Right… at least for this month. After all, it was only a month ago […]

Amy Winehouse & Blake Beat The Sh*T Out of Each Other

Amy Winehouse was one cute little pop tart before full-on fame slapped her with the ugly-drug-addict stick. She’s defended her husband, Blake, to many different celebrity sources, after she and her husband beat the crap out of each other, leaving them both bloodied all to hell. Amy denies that Blake was the one who started […]

Nicole Richie: Out Of Jail In Less Than Two Hours

The itty-bitty Nicky Richie happily surprised by her fairly short stay behind bars at Lynwood. And according to TMZ, she didn’t have too bad a time of it. “We’re told that the tiny ex-con found the Sheriff’s Department “extremely professional” and “cooperative” and she “appreciated their efficiency.” Eighty-two minutes — that’s efficient!” Well, you know, […]

Adrian & Paris: Shacking Up

Although Mr. Sexy, aka, Adrian Grenier, was previously going on about he and Paris were just friends, he’s finally admitted that he just wants some alone time with pretty little Paris. TMZ caught up with the cute little pair at Paris‘ house in Malibu the other day. Adrian is making a documentary about paparazzi; apparently […]

Trump Is Britney’s New Sugar Daddy

It seems like Britney Spears has finally got the sugar daddy she doesn’t — I mean, totally deserves. Donald Trump himself has offered to take her on, and “revive” her career. Good luck, Mr. Trump. I hope he’s prepared for chemical withdrawals. TMZ says: “Armed with the searing insight that she’s a “[bleeping] mess,” Trump […]

Uncle Kracker: Sex Criminal?

The formerDJ for Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker has been accused of sexually assaulting a 26-year old woman in a nightclub, The Ess Lounge, in North Carolina. Uncle Kracker isn’t afraid to fight back, outraged that people think he would commit a sex crime… Eh, considering that he used to work with Kid Rock? I’ll reserve […]

Mike & Dina Lohan: Split! (Finally, Jeez.)

The long, drawn out, –completely unnecessarily publicised, divorce between Lindsay Lohan‘s parents, Dina and Michael, is has officially been finalised. I thought it might never end; between Dina‘s absolutely flaky behaviour, having raised an utterly idiotic daughter, and the fact that Michael looks like someone you’d tell your kids not to talk to, they seem […]

Britney & Criss Are Making Magic!

Oooh, Britney might have a new man… Although, since she’s doing practically everybody, how relevant is it really that she was spotted going into a hotel with Criss Angel? Whoops. I snitched. Oh well. Britney Spears was seen going into W Hotel in Westwood the night before last, around 3:00 am with Mindfreak, Criss Angel… […]

K-Fed Is Getting Serious About Getting Custody

Kevin Federline is utterly serious about his intentions to subpoena Britney to court for child custody. His lawyer, Mark Kaplan is vicious, and has hired a military man to help the cause. I’m surprised they haven’t called in the National Guard, the way that whole family operates. Just about the most sordid, backwater relations you’ll […]

Kim Porter Is “Hip Hop Girlfriend Barbie”

Supposedly there have been rumours about P Diddy being abusive, physically to his girlfriends. Kim Porter was rumoured to have left P Diddy because he was physically abusive as well. But look, isn’t she sweet? Kim has come right up front about the whole thing, to state that P Diddy never abused her. From Contact […]

Jessica Alba Has Herpes! Ew! flowers hamilton delivery

We all thought Jessica Alba was one hell of flower delivery in hamilton and of a hotty. Turns out, she’s actually quite a… well, “notty.” The latest bit of florist hamilton and of gossip about Jessica Alba is that she has Herpes, and that she got it from Derek Jeter of send flowers hamilton and […]

Hotty Of The Week

Djimon Hounsou has made Hotty of the Week here for quite a few reasons… First of all, a French accent. Second, third, fourth… his absolutely gorgeous body, that can be scoped in Gladiator, Blood Diamond, or Amistad. Djimon was also absolutely dead sexy in Beauty Shop, Constantine, and played the perfect dashing cop-to-the-rescue in The […]

Angie Doesn’t Do Girls Anymore

If the fact that she’s psychotic, and skinnier than a pencil these days didn’t drive you away yet girls, and freaks, Angelina Jolie has announced that she is so thrilled with Brad Pitt in bed, that she no longer feels the need for a woman, or S&M. Like that’s such a stretch? Brad Pitt turns […]

Celebrity Nibbles

So you think the stars don’t watch? In our first Nibble, Bruce Willis dropped in on “aintitcoolnews.com” to supposedly get a feel for how his fans felt about him, and their thoughts on his work. Of course they refused to believe “Walter B.“was him. From the Enquirer: “Then Walter B‘s [webcam] image popped up on […]

Ew De Beckham

Intimately Beckham; apparently,the constant yammering about Victoria (Posh Spice) and David Beckham, just wasn’t ego stimulation for the massive amount of UK arrogance between them. They now have their own perfume. A pretty pink one for Posh, and brown-ish bold, manly color for David. You can now smell like your favorite celebrities for under $100. […]

Hans Klok Summons Up Pamela Anderson! are chia seeds good for high blood pressure

Pamela Anderson is dating a magician. That must be cool. She won’t have to pay for plastic surgery any more. Her new beau, Hans Klok (yes, that’s really his name), can just wave his “wand” and banish the chia seeds bloating and the sagging cottage cheese thighs, and Grand Canyon crow’s feet. Pam is currently […]