Brad & Angie; Running Off To Berlin

ang_brad_haiti.jpgBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumoured to be heading to Berlin with their four children. They bought a large apartment in east Berlin back in February, and according to one British newspaper who may or not be the best source for actual news, Brad wants to design a home south of Berlin, so Brad and Angelina can raise their children in a quieter atmosphere. According to The Daily Mirror, Brad said:

“We bought this beautiful house in Berlin, and another one I am trying to design myself close to Potsdam.

We already have so many projects waiting and I am trying to travel and get inspiration all over the world and prepare myself.

We also don’t want our kids to go to school in Hollywood – it will be best if they can go to school in Berlin. We love the city. Berlin is so quiet and balanced, away from paparazzi.”

…looks like Angelina is just running away from Jen…

Hm. It sounds to me that after Angelina‘s attitude against Brad‘s ex-wife; Jennifer Aniston, her stress issues, health problems, that they’re looking for a quick fix to resolve their marital problems. It certainly looks like Angelina is just running away from Jen. Well, if moving across the globe helps, then more power to them, but usually, uprooting just means your dragging your problems with you.

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