Paris Hilton And Cisco Adler Drooling On Each Other In Public

Ew! He’s so greasy, Paris!

Paris Hilton is apparently still shopping around, even though in a previous article, barely a week ago, Paris was running around with a moron from Australia, Tyler Atkins, t-shirt designer and apparently, amateur pharmacist.

Who’s the lucky guy this week? Cisco Adler; sloppy seconds of Mischa Barton, and grunge-o extraordinaire. The guy just looks plain dirty. Cisco and Paris were making out at Guy’s karaoke night on Tuesday. She even gave him a lap dance. And the disgusting display of PDA doesn’t stop there. When Paris wasn’t drooling all over Cisco in the booth, Paris horrified the crowd by “singing”, “Bette Davis Eyes,” followed by a medley of her hit “Stars are Blind.” Well, I think anyone would have to be, to make out with either of those two. Or at least equipped a strong gag reflex, and a heavy duty immune system.

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