Lindsay Lohan; Wants Beckham, But Can’t Keep Her Nose Clean

Lindsay’s Mugshot. Ew.Lindsay Lohan is rumoured to have a $50,000 bet with her more wealthy white trash friends, that she can get David Beckham to screw her. Apparently, Lindsay is confident that she can get Beckham interested in doing her before December, because she knows that Victoria, Posh Spice, will be gone touring with the Spice Girls this winter. One source, says:

Lindsay and her pals have been talking about the Beckhams‘ arrival non-stop. They all reckon David is gorgeous and Lindsay set the challenge to get stuck in. The rich girls all want to meet Becks.”

Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure David Beckham, being married to Victoria, doesn’t want anything to do with a girl who looks like she’s been eating powdered donuts all the time, and can’t even manage to drive a car without alcohol interfering. Not to mention, Posh Spice wouldn’t have much trouble beating the crap out of an inebriated brat like Lindsay Lohan.

Sadly for Lindsay, this bet was most likely made before she was busted for her third DUI. Lohan just got out of rehab a week ago, and has now been arrested in Santa Monica for drunk driving. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept., Lohan was caught at 2:15 am, Tuesday morning. She was arrested for transporting cocaine on a suspended license, driving under influence, and possession of cocaine, with a blood alcohol level around .13. The legal limit is .08. Itsounds like she was hooked up to a vodka I.V.

Lindsay‘s arraignment is set for August 24th, you know, in case any of you want to show up, and support her. Already facing the misdemeanor hit and run charges, and other DUI, Lindsay is now facing serious jail time. If convicted of both DUI’s she could spend one year in jail. Since possession of cocaine is a felony, she could also spend up to three years in jail for that. As well as driving on a suspended license, Lindsay could also acquire another year in jail. That’s six years, for Lindsay, if they decide to give her the maximum, for being such a retard.

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