Hell Hath No Fury… Than Angelina Scorned

Angelina Jolie nearly had a psychotic meltdown, on Tuesday when she found out hubby, Brad Pitt, had taken their biological daughter, Shiloh to lunch with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Can you imagine being named Shiloh? That poor kid is going to have such a complex. A source in London, told Britain’s Star magazine: “Angelina went […]

Paris Is Now Dating Short Bus Passengers

Paris Hilton‘s rumoured new boyfriend, Tyler Atkins, has what the French call, that certain je ne se quois… Down’s Syndrome. He’s a T-shirt designer from Australia, and the two were spotted canoodling and making out in Malibu last weekend. Of course, just because Paris is making out with a guy, doesn’t mean she’s dating him. […]

Katie Holmes: Pregnant Or Anatomically Correct?

The pregnancy rumours have begun again for Katie Holmes. Katie showed up at the L.A. premier for Hairspray with a clinging black dress on, and what is rumoured to be a new baby bump. I wonder if anyone ever considers whether some of these constantly suspected of pregnancy women just happen to actually have a […]