Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O’Connell: Mystery Marriage Confirmed

The spokespersons for Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell went running on Friday when they were asked about the strong rumours about a wedding between the couple. At the end of the week, there were rumours from all over the place stating that that there would be a wedding in Malibu.

But, after three inquiries were made, to each of their separate spokespersons, one of them in L.A., the other in New York, were unanswered. Spooky, that there wasn’t the even the typical ‘we don’t talk about our clients’ line, that most of the uptight people who work for celebrities give. Except for a select few, of course, or we’d never have any news.

…the other media vultures weren’t being told anything.

There was a source, who claimed that the couple had made some exclusive arrangements with People, and InStyle, but that the other media vultures weren’t being told anything. Not a bad idea, but here we are telling everyone anyway, so I guess it was to no avail that they kept it such a big secret. “They didn’t want the place swarming with paparazzi,” said the snitch.

It turns out the couple were married on Saturday, at “Ugly Betty” star’s ranch. Doesn’t that sound classy? About 100 people turned up at the wedding, braving the high temperatures to Rebecca and Jerry wed beneath a tree. Actors can’t even afford air-conditioning anymore, it seems. This is Rebecca‘s second marriage; she was married to John Stamos for six years. This O’Connell‘s first marriage, although he was previously engaged to E! News anchor Giuliana DePandi.

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