Paris Hilton: What Will The Police Investigate Next?

Authorities involved in Paris Hilton‘s imprisonment have opened an investigation, after allegations were made that during her 23 days in jail Paris Hilton received special treatment. Paris was sentenced to do jail time for violating her probation for driving around like a drunken mor– for a DUI. I think Nicole Richie probably talked her into it.

…Nicole Richie probably talked her into it.

Steve Whitemore, the Sheriff’s spokesperson said they were also accusations that Paris received a new jail uniform instead of the recycled ones given to the other inmates, and that Paris‘s mail was delivered by a captain instead of inmate trusties. Well, my god, isn’t that horrible?

The sheriff’s department had some serious looking-into when Sheriff Lee Baca let Paris Hilton out of jail after just three days for “medical reasons.” Funny how no one knows what the hell was wrong with her… but we all know the name of her dog. She was sent right back one night later.

Whitemore, who sounds real sincere here, says, “We’re going to investigate it and get to the bottom of it and find out exactly what happened.”

The sheriff’s department is also looking into whether or not Paris was allowed to use a cordless phone instead of waiting in line with the other inmates forever, to use a pay phone during certain hours. Once again, big deal. People kill each other in jail, and they’re investigating her getting her mail from a captain, getting a new uniform, and using a cordless phone? Nice to see the police are really doing their jobs. These accusations, were brought up to the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs by union members, according to the Los Angeles Times’ Web site.

Paris‘s spokesman did not return a message for comment.

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