Reverend… Tori?

Anni here, with the latest and greatest, funny, star-struck, breathtaking, spell-bound… reverend? I did say reverend. Apparently, Tori Spelling, decided that religion wasn’t just for people who actually go to church; it’s for her too. The nowhere-near-past-her-prime actress, well-known for her leading role in 90210, and various comedic works, is now: Reverend Tori Spelling. Soon after taking, what must have been a pretty tough exam online, and becoming ordained, she went straight into the field of bringing people together.

Her first act of being an ordained reverend? Good question. Was it blessing her own bathwater? Declaring a bottle of Boone’s Farm communion wine? Or marrying a gay couple? If you guessed the last one, you are absolutely correct. The actress’s first official act as an ordained reverend was presiding over the commitment ceremony of a gay couple, who happened to be friends of hers. The ceremony took place at her bed and breakfast, Chateau La Rue, in Fallbrook, California. Go Tori! Even if her open-mindedness brings to mind corn flakes, it’s good to see influential people supporting gay rights.

In her official blog, Spelling said, “I’ve done live theater and presented at The Emmy’s and this by far was my scariest moment simply because they had bestowed such an honor upon me and I didn’t want to let them down.” Well, I think I speak for the majority, (unless the majority consists of Conservatives) when I say she did a fabulous job, and I’m sure her friends were just as honored to be joined together by her.

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