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Brad & Angie; Running Off To Berlin

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumoured to be heading to Berlin with their four children. They bought a large apartment in east Berlin back in February, and according to one British newspaper who may or not be the best source for actual news, Brad wants to design a home south of Berlin, so Brad […]

Eddie Murphy & Tracey Edmunds Engaged

Steve Martin Gets Married On The Sly

Steve Martin was married over the weekend, in a small ceremony. The former senator of Nebraska, Bob Kerrey, and friend of Steve Martin, presided over the ceremony in which Steve married Anne Stringfield. The creator of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, was Martin‘s best man. Steve just told the guests, including actors Tom Hanks, Diane […]

Usher Almost Married An Ex-Con; Nice Save!

In the earlier article, you’ll see Usher and his fiancee, Tameka Foster, pulled a Ben and J-Lo the other day, canceling their wedding at the last minute. Usher‘s publicist gave the message seen in the earlier article, “It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No […]

Usher Wedding Cancelled!

Pop celebrity Usher, and his fiancee Tameka Foster have called off their wedding, which was scheduled for yesterday. Usher‘s publicist, Patti Webster, released only a short, and abrupt statement: “It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond, IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances […]

“Porno Paparazzi Girl, I Don’tWanna Be A Stupid Girl…”

is still planning on eventually moving away from Pete Doherty. You know, after all the heroin implants they’ve been through together… for a whopping four days for her DUI charges. I wonder how long before she gets a mysterious illness too? Britney Spears takes her children for a vacation in Las Vegas without getting Kevin‘s […]

50 Cent Dumps Girlfriend For Jessica Alba

Poor Jen; Still Pining For Brad…

Jennifer Aniston and her British boyfriend, model Paul Sculfor, have split up. Jennifer has supposed pulled the plug on their romance because their busy schedules, and equally time-consuming careers keep them from seeing too much of each other. Jennifer, 38, and Paul, 36, a former body builder, haven’t seen each other for weeks, since Paul […]

Jamie Lynn Spears; Knocked Up At 16

A new, and disturbing headline from National Enquirer: Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears‘ sixteen year old little sister, is pregnant. Her and her nineteen year old boyfriend, Casey Aldridge have been sexually active, and were spied apartment hunting in Valencia, California. Of all the useless parents out there, Lynne Spears has to be among the […]

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren: Splitsville

Jessica Alba and her boyfriend, Cash Warren, have split up, after being in a relationship for two and a half years. Jessica, 26, broke up with Warren, 28, last week over the phone. A source told Us Magazine, that Jessica, who was abroad promoting Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, called Cash on July […]

Paris Hilton And Cisco Adler Drooling On Each Other In Public

Paris Hilton is apparently still shopping around, even though in a previous article, barely a week ago, Paris was running around with a moron from Australia, Tyler Atkins, t-shirt designer and apparently, amateur pharmacist. Who’s the lucky guy this week? Cisco Adler; sloppy seconds of Mischa Barton, and grunge-o extraordinaire. The guy just looks plain […]

Lindsay Lohan; Wants Beckham, But Can’t Keep Her Nose Clean

Lindsay Lohan is rumoured to have a $50,000 bet with her more wealthy white trash friends, that she can get David Beckham to screw her. Apparently, Lindsay is confident that she can get Beckham interested in doing her before December, because she knows that Victoria, Posh Spice, will be gone touring with the Spice Girls […]

Brad Pitt Is Going The Distance; Literally

Apparently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie aren’t doing so hot. Well, I’m so surprised. Anni here, bringing you the latest on the two not-so-much-in-love birds. This time around, Brad is said to have been so stressed out by his and Angie‘s constant fighting, that he felt the need for speed. Which took him 165 miles […]

Laila Ali – Kicking Ass And Taking Vows

The Dancing With the Stars finalist and boxing champion Laila Ali, tied the knot with retired NFL star Curtis Conway yesterday. Two hundred people showed up to see the happy couple’s wedding in Los Angeles, including Laila‘s parents, Muhammad Ali and Veronica Porsche Anderson. Her sister, Hana Ali was a bridesmaid. Curtis’s family also got […]

The Top Ten Best Acts Of Celebrity Revenge!

10. Do you remember Brandy? You know … -sings a little- “The boy is mine…”? R&B hotty from the 90’s? Well, once upon a time, an ex-beau called her a–… well, a not so very nice name. Supposedly she found the perfect way to pay him back. Scratching his car. A little weak, don’t you […]

Britney: Pregnant Or Freaking Out Again?

Britney Spears is telling her close friends that she’s once again pregnant. Now, I’m of a fairly mixed opinion about Britney having another child. Maybe it will straighten her out, but if two kids already hasn’t, what will? And there are rumours amongst her friends, (how nice they must be) that she’s stumped as to […]

Hell Hath No Fury… Than Angelina Scorned

Angelina Jolie nearly had a psychotic meltdown, on Tuesday when she found out hubby, Brad Pitt, had taken their biological daughter, Shiloh to lunch with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Can you imagine being named Shiloh? That poor kid is going to have such a complex. A source in London, told Britain’s Star magazine: “Angelina went […]

Paris Is Now Dating Short Bus Passengers

Paris Hilton‘s rumoured new boyfriend, Tyler Atkins, has what the French call, that certain je ne se quois… Down’s Syndrome. He’s a T-shirt designer from Australia, and the two were spotted canoodling and making out in Malibu last weekend. Of course, just because Paris is making out with a guy, doesn’t mean she’s dating him. […]

Katie Holmes: Pregnant Or Anatomically Correct?

The pregnancy rumours have begun again for Katie Holmes. Katie showed up at the L.A. premier for Hairspray with a clinging black dress on, and what is rumoured to be a new baby bump. I wonder if anyone ever considers whether some of these constantly suspected of pregnancy women just happen to actually have a […]

Pete Doherty & Kate Moss, Apparently Still On A Fifth Implant Basis coconut lamp benefits

The supermodel, Kate Moss, recently split from the eating coconut oil acne and the troubled rocker Pete Doherty after he cheated on her, still has feelings for Pete and wants to help him beat his drug addiction. Way to go. He cheats on you so you buy him… Heroin implants? Must be one of side […]