Kate Beckinsale Is Lonely Despite Being Married

One of the hottest babes in Hollywood, Kate Beckinsale has been complaining about her lack of sex. Off late, her husband, director Len Wiseman has been working very hard. I bet he can’t be a ‘Wiseman’, if he can keep his hands off his HOT wife for so long!

Busy completing the new Die Hard movie, “Live Free or Die Hard” Wiseman is extremely occupied and all the lonely nights that Beckinsale spends leave her feeling lonelier. The movie opens this summer, and Beckinsale is expecting to be ‘lonely no more’ and back in bed with her husband for some passionate sex.

The actress says, “I’ve felt so lonely because Len has been a virtual stranger for several months now. He basically comes home to sleep.” I tell you, it’s hard for me to believe that a wife as beautiful as Beckinsale wouldn’t be more exciting than a movie to come home to.

She further adds, “I’ve told him he’s going to have to make it up to me. I won’t let him out of bed for a month.”

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#1 Clementines on 07.05.07 at 8:46 am

Where do you come from saying beautiful? She’s pretty but a bag of bones and getting more and more frumpy

#2 Hai on 03.07.08 at 10:33 am

I like too see your movie.

#3 INCA on 10.06.08 at 2:15 pm

She is beautiful clementines. With or without makeup. One of the classiest actors alive today. Probably her british roots have much to do with that.

#4 dickmaster on 11.27.08 at 10:51 pm

i love is bottomless 4 u kate.

#5 John Phang on 01.26.09 at 5:05 am

Hey, Kate I like your movie. Especially The Van Helsing Movie…… I am John Phang……….. i LOVE YOU……………..

#6 chris mcnamara on 10.07.09 at 6:41 am

hi Kate, i love your underwold movies they are fantastic like you

#7 E Rock on 01.19.10 at 2:14 pm

Boy I’ll tell ya, if Kate was my wife, and I was Wiseman, I would make sure, absolute sure, that no matter what time in the night I got home and how tired I was, I would still please her every need, nook, and cranny because she is just so incredibly beautiful that not even the word beautiful can compare to who she is and how much I want her. Wiseman, if you screw it up with her, you should probably just shoot yourself cause there can be no bigger mistake one can make!!!

#8 steve on 05.10.10 at 7:27 pm

pearl harbor had a very deep meaning for me, and ms beckinsale brought those feelings and those years that the united states was truly united, home to my heart, and i can only thank her for a truly lovely performance

#9 Rich on 10.07.10 at 1:33 pm

Kate Beckinsale is the most beautiful woman in the world followed very closely by Cheryl Cole. These ladies take beauty onto a whole new level.. My jaw drops everytime i see them on tv.

#10 Rafe on 03.06.11 at 12:34 pm

hi i love your movies and all the under world and kate beckinsale you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world i wish you was my wife i would please you and give you anything you want any day any time you want i dont care what mood i am in i do it with you if you wanted me to and the person your with now if he mess it up then he should just kill his self

#11 fabby on 03.15.11 at 6:51 am

beckinsale is a cheater. she left michael sheen for len wiseman. now her career is dow and his is great!

#12 SndyWow on 04.03.12 at 2:28 pm

She is a very Beautiful woman and Taleneted Actress…her husband is Good looking too:)

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