Lindsay Lohan Catches Calum Best Cheating On Her Again!

Didn’t we tell you in one of our previous posts that Calcum Best is a womanizer and his own manager says so? Well perhaps Lindsay Lohan should have listened to the wise man for the troubled actress/singer is no longer best for her now ex-boyfriend Calcum Best!
Earlier this week, Lohan was actually asked to leave the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City. Why did you ask? The 20-year old ‘Mean Girls’ actor was in the hotel to find out if the rumors of Best’s infidelity were true.

Lindsay had tried to reach Best on the phone, but couldn’t get through. So she decided to make a personal visit to his room. And according to a witness, “He came to the door and opened it a bit; she peeked inside and saw the woman there. She went cuckoo. She yelled at him, slammed the door and banged on it some more.” After that outburst, the hotel management was quite fed-up and asked Lohan to leave. And she did leave the hotel, right around 6:30am.

But kudos to the gal for handling the split so very well.

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